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 Buying or Selling Residential Property in Hellas. Provisions for Citizens of a Third Country Outside EC.

This essay offers an abstract of some legal implications of buying or selling residential property in Hellas and also points out some of the traps involved.

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 Personal Injury in Greece

Wrongful death actions typically involve deaths that are caused by automobile accidents, drunk driving accidents, boating accidents, drowning and medical malpractice. However, they can also include accidents in the workplace, nursing home abuse, construction site accidents, violent acts and many more. If the death was caused by accident, or if it should or could have been prevented, it can usually be considered a wrongful death.

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 Acquiring Property in Greece - Buying Property in Greece

If you are planning to acquire real estate in Greece you have to set a perfect plan in order to put everything in the right place and to avoid any surprise. First and most crucial move is to find a specialized in Property Management or Real Estate Law Firm and a Real estate agent who will guide you step by step in the whole transaction.

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