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Lapina & DuBois, P.A.

Lapina & DuBois, P.A.
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The attorneys Lapina & DuBois, P.A., understand that when a person faces serious legal problems that affect their personal life and financial outlook, speaking directly to an experienced attorney is essential. At our firm you will meet with the lawyer who will handle all aspects of your case. You will get the answers you expect and the guidance you need to move forward. Our lawyers would take time to learn about your objectives, because our job is to see that those objectives are achieved as quickly and as effectively as possible.

There are some things that are true in every case, but there are always unique details. At our law firm, you are treated individually and your legal claim is customized based on your needs and goals. We provide hand-on and personalized representation where the attorney you meet with is the attorney who handles your case. You convey key information directly to your attorney, and vice versa. You will not have to work through a middleman at any time.

We work hard to attain the best outcome in all cases. Many times, that involves mitigating the serious consequences you may be facing, particularly if you are charged with a crime. In the end, your best interests are of vital importance to us. Our Orlando criminal law lawyers are ready to help you. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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