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Law Firm Overview

The Law Office of Leo B. Dubler, III, LLC is a brain injury and employment law firm located in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey and serving clients throughout the region using highly specialized experience. Attorney Dubler is committed to providing clients with the expert counsel that they need regarding their important legal matters.

He understands the importance of timely resolutions in matters of employment, and he knows the stress of lost wages. He strongly believes that clients who have been discriminated or retaliated against deserve bold legal representation.

Attorney Dubler is familiar with the tremendous hardship of a brain injury which can potentially alter the course of one's life in significant ways. It is the suffering of his clients that drives him to provide the most aggressive and effective representation available to injured clients, and his record of securing substantial compensation demonstrates his passion.

His resolve to provide solutions in both complicated employment issues and head injury claims has been recognized by colleagues and clients alike, and he continues to offer outstanding advocacy to residents throughout New Jersey. Whether you have suffered a brain injury due to someone else's negligence or you have pressing employment disputes, Mr. Dubler is ready to handle your matter with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Workplace Harassment; Struck by/against objects; Sports/Recreational Injuries; Lightning Strikes; Electric Shocks; Whiplash.

Areas of Law Description

The Law Office of Leo Dubler offers legal representation in the following practice areas:

- Head and Brain Injury (TBI)

Especially with head and brain injuries, it may not be immediately apparent how bad the injury is. Costs associated with traumatic brain injury, for instance, can be astronomical and might include surgery, rehabilitation, and permanent disability. Let an expert help you gather the evidence supporting your New Jersey head or brain injury lawsuit.

- Sexual Harassment

The law office of Leo B. Dubler can provide you with legal help with sexual harassment law in Camden County in New Jersey. The most obvious form of sexual harassment involves touching in the form of unwelcome sexual advances, but touching is not required for a sex harassment charge.

- Workplace Harassment

Proving that the harassing conduct was severe enough to alter the working conditions and to create an abusive work environment involves meeting both a subjective and an objective standard. The subjective standard means that the victim found the conduct to be bad enough to interfere with his/her ability to do the work.

- Whistleblowers

If you object or complain about something that is going on at your workplace that you believe to be illegal or improper, you are a whistleblower. A whistleblower may also be someone who reports something to an outside governmental agency. A whistleblower may be someone who threatens to go to an outside governmental agency.


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  • Atlantic County Bar Association
  • Camden County Bar Association
  • New Jersey State Bar Association
  • Gloucester County Bar Association

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