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Law Firm Overview

The Law Offices of Douglas B. Warlick is a Geneva, Illinois family law firm which handles all related issues for clients throughout the area. Since 1981, Attorney Warlick has provided exceptional legal guidance and advocacy to clients in many different situations.
He is skilled in both mediation and litigation, and he is ready to pursue every client's interests regardless of the venue.

Mr. Warlick has received acclaim over the course of his thirty year practice for dedicated service, exceptional representation and for practicing with integrity. He knows the local judges, courts and legal system, which allows for seamless work and results.

Mr. Warlick takes the time to get to know each client, listen to their concerns and ambitions, and address each point in detail. He believes in frequent and open communication for the sake of optimizing results and the comfort of the client. His extensive experience resolving family matters in and out of the courtroom has prepared Attorney Douglas B. Warlick for any situation which his clients may face.

Year this Office was Established: 1981

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Maintenance; Property Division; Business Valuation; Modification and Enforcement; Removal / Parental Relocation; Postnuptial Agreements; Cohabitation Agreements.

Areas of Law Description

- Divorce

If you are getting divorced, our knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel provides quality representation in court or through negotiations. We can ensure that you obtain the appropriate resolution for your unique situation.

- Child Custody

Our law firm handles a wide variety of family law, with a dedication to serving the needs of children while protecting the rights and interests of the parents we represent.

- Alimony

When determining alimony levels, judges have a great deal of discretion and flexibility. Our lawyer has handled family law matters in the courts for more than 25 years. We are well acquainted with the local judges, and understands the approach that each judge takes when determining levels of alimony.

- Mediation

Mediation is a non-binding process whereby two parties “come to the table” in a spirit of resolution and compromise to avoid protracted legal disputes. Our lawyer has been a certified mediator for more than 10 years and helped many couples work out agreements in mediation or through court appointments.

- Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a formal divorce settlement process that combines the best of mediation and negotiation. Our lawyer is currently known as the only attorney in Kane County who has received training in the growing practice of Collaborative Family Law.

- Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious and sensitive issue requiring the deft touch of a seasoned family law attorney. Our law firm has practiced in the area of domestic violence since the inception of the current domestic violence legislation.

- Paternity

If the father did not acknowledge parentage at birth, our law office can assist in obtaining a court order for DNA paternity testing to prove fatherhood and compel child support. We also ensure that our clients’ rights are protected regarding the custody, visitation and child support order.

- Juvenile Law

Our family law attorney represents children and parents in the juvenile law systems of Kane County and DuPage County, ensuring that the constitutional rights of our clients are protected and working toward resolutions that preserve families.

- Prenuptial Agreements

If you have questions about a prenuptial agreement or concerns about protecting your property, contact our offices. We provide skilled legal representation for all family law matters, including prenuptial agreements.

- Adoption

Whether you are seeking to adopt a child or fighting termination of your parental rights, you can count on knowledgeable legal advice and devoted, personalized attention to your legal matter. Our law firm has an experienced family law attorney who serves a strong advocate for our clients.


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