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Law Firm Overview

Estwanik & May, PLLC, provide legal representation in criminal law, personal injury, car & truck accidents, workers’ compensation and traffic violation matters.
From an office centrally located in Charlotte, the attorneys at Estwanik & May have provided legal services to clients throughout Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas for over a decade.

Estwanik & May, PLLC is experienced with North Carolina laws. We pride ourselves on putting our clients’ best interests first. Our dedicated attorneys promptly handle cases with the sensitivity and honesty you need to put the matter behind you and continue with your life. You get the respect you deserve and the results you want at the Law Office of Estwanik & May.

Languages: English, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: BWI; Drunk Driving; Under 21 DWI; Public Intoxication; Misdemeanors; Trespassing; Crimes Against Nature; Public Urination; Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) Violations; Suspended Driver's License; Alcohol-Related Crimes; Larceny; Resisting Public Officer; Traffic Violation; Registration Violations; License Plate Violations; Insurance Violations; High Occupancy Vehicle; Speeding Ticket; Reckless Driving; Speeding in a School Zone; Aggressive Driving; Improper Turn; Stop Sign Violation; Seatbelt Violation; Driving While License Revoked; Moving Violations; Unsafe Site Maintenance; Defective Equipment; Improperly Maintained Equipment; Falling Debris; Defective Scaffolding; Hit and Run Accidents; Head Injuries; Amputation; Paralysis; Disfigurement; Dog Bites; Watercraft Accidents.

Areas of Law Description

- Criminal Defense

The criminal process can be confusing. North Carolina has multi-step processes from being stopped for questioning, to trial, and potentially through the appeals process. To protect your rights, your criminal law attorney must ensure that the rules for each step of the process are carefully observed.

* Alcohol-Related Crimes
Crimes involving alcohol range in severity and can result in stiff fines, jail time, loss of license, or community service. A criminal law attorney at the Law Offices of Estwanik & May, PLLC can make sure your rights are protected and help you to challenge the following alcohol-related charges:

• DWI/DUI/BWI/drunk driving
• Under 21 DWI
• Open container
• Underage possession of alcohol
• Intoxicated and disruptive/drunk and disorderly
• Public intoxication

* Drug-Related Crimes
North Carolina laws address drug use and possession with harsher sentences than alcohol because narcotics are illegal unless they are being used specifically as instructed by a doctor. Possession of any illegal substance or narcotic paraphernalia is a serious crime and has penalties that range from large monetary fines to lengthy jail sentences.

* Weapons and Assault
In North Carolina, endangering a person’s life with a weapon can be punished with jail time, a fine, or a combination of sentences. Even a simple assault can carry a sentence involving jail. More severe penalties can be considered when the chance of injury was great even if the actual injury was minor. Even causing someone to fear injury is a crime—it is not necessary to physically touch the person.

* Criminal Charges
Once you have been charged with a crime, the Charlotte courts have certain criminal defense requirements that must be followed to avoid further problems. The Law Offices of Estwanik & May, PLLC provides the assistance needed when you are charged with crimes such as the following:

• Failure to pay fine
• Failure to appear/missed court date
• Order for arrest

* Misdemeanors
Even when you are charged with a relatively minor crime, you may subject to a complicated legal process and face significant penalties. To ensure that your rights are protected, you need the services of an attorney who understands the details of the legal process within the state. The law firm of Estwanik & May, PLLC offers misdemeanor attorneys who are well-versed in the laws of North Carolina and can help you obtain the best result when charged with any misdemeanor crime including, but not limited to, the following:

• Trespassing
• Shoplifting
• Solicitation of prostitution
• Crimes against nature
• Public urination
• Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) violations

- Traffic Violation

Eventually, most people who have gotten behind the wheel of a motor vehicle will face traffic charges. Most people understand it is beneficial to contact an attorney but they often address the charges themselves. Qualified representation by a Charlotte criminal defense lawyer is more likely to produce positive results.

* Driving While Impaired (DWI)/ Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Driving while under the influence of alcohol is illegal throughout the U.S. and a very serious crime. In North Carolina, driving cars, boats, or other recreation vehicles, is punished severely. Those charged with such an offense should contact a Charlotte DWI lawyer as soon as possible.

* Driver’s License Issues and Violations
Having a driver’s license is a privilege gained by passing tests and maintained by following the state’s rules of the road. Certain professions require specialized licenses to operate certain types of vehicles, such as large trucks. If you lose your driving privileges, your life changes dramatically. If you operate a vehicle without one, you face increasingly severe penalties. Our Charlotte traffic lawyers can help with the following license issues:

• DWLR/Driving While License Revoked
• Suspended Driver’s License
• NOL/No Operator’s License
• CDL/Commercial Drivers' License violations
• Driver's license restoration

* Moving Violations
If your traffic violations are significant, or if this is not your first offense, representation in court by a qualified Charlotte traffic attorney can make a big difference and might even save your driver’s license. The Law Offices of Estwanik & May, PLLC, knows North Carolina traffic laws and understands the court procedure for these charges. Our Charlotte criminal law attorneys can represent you in court for moving violations, including the following:

• Speeding ticket
• Reckless Driving
• Speeding in a School Zone
• Aggressive Driving
• Improper Turn
• Stop Sign Violation
• Following Too Closely
• Failure to Reduce Speed resulting in an Accident
• Right Turn on Red
• Failure to Stop at a Red Light
• Illegal Passing
• HOV Violations
• Driving Left of Center
• Seatbelt Violation

* Vehicle Violations
Just as you must follow the rules of the road when you get behind the wheel, you also have responsibilities concerning vehicle ownership and use. The Law Offices of Estwanik & May, PLLC, can assist you if you are charged with vehicle-related violations such as the following:

• Registration Violations
• License Plate Violations
• Insurance Violations
• High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Violations
• Window Tint

- Workers’ Compensation

The workers' compensation laws are designed to pay for your medical treatment and lost wages. If your claim was denied, or you have reasons why you are not being fairly compensated under the Workers’ Compensation Laws, discuss your case with one of our qualified staff. The Law Offices of Estwanik & May, PLLC, understand the regulations that affect workers' compensation claims in North Carolina.

* Injured while on the Job
North Carolina is a no-fault state for those injured on the job. That means you can receive Workers’ Compensation even if you were partially at fault for your accident. The Law Offices of Estwanik & May, PLLC can assist with your worker’s compensation claim to ensure you receive all benefits to which you are entitled under the law.

* Construction Site Accidents
The Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that over 1,000 construction workers may suffer a work-related fatality this year with many others injured in avoidable accidents. Construction workers know the dangers associated with their line of work and they know the necessary safety precautions. However, in spite of their best efforts, they can be injured by the following circumstances that are beyond their control:

• Unsafe Site Maintenance
• Defective Equipment
• Improperly Maintained Equipment
• Falling Debris
• Defective Scaffolding

- Auto, Motorcycle and Truck Accident

Many people do not see the need to retain a personal injury law firm in the case of minor accidents—and, in a simple two-car fender bender, with no injuries and only minor damage, a simple insurance claim may be all you need to recover your expenses. But, motor vehicle accidents are not always this simple. Our injury law firm has the experience and skills needed to help clients collect damages from virtually any type of collision.

- Personal Injury

For simple cases involving minor injuries, it is sometimes possible to negotiate a fair settlement for your case. But, an insurance company adjustor or opposing counsel is interested in settling your claim for as little as possible. A Charlotte injury attorney from the Law Offices of Estwanik & May is experienced in negotiating fair settlements—we focus on your all your expenses during negotiations.

* Watercraft Accidents
An accident that occurs during recreation on the water is as serious as those on the roadways. There is the potential for serious injury in watercraft accidents that can easily result in catastrophic injury or drowning. Boats and other watercraft are governed by the North Carolina Resource Commission and the county where you are located. Christopher May is an attorney with an intimate understanding of watercraft accident cases—he has been an avid boater for many years and spends some of his free time on Lake Norman.

* Bus/Trains/Railroad/Transit Accidents
Every day we entrust our safety to others by using public transportation. Under North Carolina law, the liability for transit accidents often falls to multiple individuals, including the following:

• Pilot or conductor error
• Driver illegally attempting to cross railroad tracks
• Failure to make repairs or mechanic negligence
• Transport operators required to work long shifts by airline or railroad

* Assault and Battery
Many situations can lead to an assault or battery. These charges have different criminal consequences based on the severity of an attack. Not only has the person broken the law by putting his or her hands on you, but also the resulting injuries can require painful and expensive treatment. Christopher May is familiar with the laws of each state regarding an assault and battery case. We collect the evidence needed to compensate you for your damages.

* Dog Bites
Pets are a great joy to many people, but they can also cause serious injuries when owners are negligent or careless. Pet owners must be responsible for their animals. Even if there is no history of aggression, dogs can bite people or attack other pets with deadly consequences. The Law Offices of Estwanik & May, PLLC understands the physical and emotional trauma that result from animal attacks and dog bites.

* Premises and Products Liability
People in North Carolina owe others on their property and using their products a reasonable expectation of safety. Premises (property) and products liability injuries can arise out of a variety of situations and require legal guidance.

* Amputations/Spinal Cord/Serious Injuries
Any type of accident can result in injuries—but some injuries are more serious than others. The following are examples of serious injury cases that have a life-changing effect on victims:

• Amputation
• Birth injury
• Burn injury
• Spinal cord injury/paralysis
• Permanent disability/disfigurement
• Loss of hearing/site/etc.
• Wrongful death

* Brain Trauma/Head Injuries
A head injury or damage to the brain has a massive effect on the victim. These injuries can result in the need for lifetime physical and medical care or death.
It is difficult to imagine the effect that any catastrophic injury can have on victims and their families—especially when it could have been avoided through reasonable care.

* Wrongful Death
The acts that cause wrongful deaths can be acts of negligence, such as careless driving. But, under North Carolina law, they can also be deliberate acts with the intent to harm. Even if a wrongful act has already been prosecuted in a criminal case, it can still be tried in a civil wrongful death suit that permits the immediate family members of the victim to seek monetary compensation for the damages the negligent party caused.

* DWI/DUI/BWI Accident Injuries
Regardless of whether you call it driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI), or boating while intoxicated (BWI), these activities have the same potential to cause injury or kill innocent people. North Carolina can assign punitive awards to the victims of DUI/DWI/BWI accident injuries—and there is no limitation on these damages.


  • Mecklenburg County Bar Association
  • North Carolina State Bar
  • North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers
  • The Florida Bar


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