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Law Firm Overview

The Law Offices of Giannakopoulou & Associates is an Athens based boutique law firm specializing in real estate, inheritance, business, immigration, and family law matters. If you live outside Greece but have a Greek legal matter, if you are a foreigner living in Greece in need of legal services, or if you have a legal matter in both Greece and another jurisdiction then the Law Offices of Giannakopoulou & Associates is the right choice in your search for an international Greek lawyer.

Our competitive advantages include a team of highly qualified, knowledgeable, motivated, result oriented, technologically savvy Greek international lawyers and staff, providing top of the notch, time and cost efficient legal services. Among the international Greek lawyers of our firm many hold advanced degrees from prestigious universities in Greece and abroad. Our attorneys are licensed in Greece and the United States.

Our founder and managing partner was born in Athens and moved to Boston, MA to pursue her higher education. For fifteen years, she resided in Boston prior to returning to Greece to start her own practice. She is a member of both the Athens and Massachusetts Bar. She has herself encountered difficulties in taking care of personal legal matters in Greece while living abroad. Being an active member of the Greek-American community, she has first-hand knowledge of the legal needs of Greeks abroad.

Languages: Greek, English, French

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Property Conveyancing; Inter-vivos Gift Structuring; Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Rights; Abuse of a Power of Attorney; Sales and Purchases; Leasing and Financing; Equitable Distribution; Protective Orders; Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgments in Greece; Recognition of Greek Nationality; Issuance of Greek Passport; Residence Permits; Military Service; Debt Recovery.

Areas of Law Description

- Family Law

Our family law practice includes matters ranging from pre-nuptial agreements to divorce, custody and child support matters. We also provide advice on related matters such as estate and tax planning. We aim for the most expeditious and financially sound conclusion of the case, while always favoring amicable, conflict-avoiding solutions.

- Immigration Law

Our law office can help you through the process of the recognition of Greek nationality. Since in most cases the relevant procedure may be complicated and time consuming, the person interested in acquiring Greek citizenship may face a lot of difficulties. Our Greek immigration law attorneys have years of experience in handling citizenship matters and can help you solve problems and have a successful result in a significantly shorter period of time.

- Real Estate

The Law Offices of Giannakopoulou and Associates provide extensive legal services to businesses and individuals engaged in the acquisition, development, financing, construction, leasing, ownership, operation, management and disposition of Greek property. Our attorneys achieve clearance of even the most neglected piece of property including in the most remote border area or island of Greece.

- Inheritances and Estates

Our Estate planning and administration services are personalized and as varied as our clients’ needs. Associates in our offices provide the most advantageous results for our clients. Our team continuously stays up to date with Greek inheritance laws' new and revised provisions in order to implement them to our clients' advantage.

- Social Security

Processing pension applicaitons for primary beneficiaries and passing of pension benefits to the surviving spouse.


Jennie Giannakopoulou Ms. Jennie Giannakopoulou
Estate Planning, Family Law, Immigration, Real Estate



  • American Bar Association
  • Massachusetts Bar Association
  • Athens Bar Association

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