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Law Firm Overview

The Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel is an Illinois Criminal Defense law firm providing experienced, aggressive and hardworking criminal defense representation in Chicago and its surrounding cities.

Firm founder, Attorney Garfinkel is respected throughout the state, not only as a persuasive advocate, but also as a member of the local and state bar organizations, including the Federal Trial Bar and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is also a member of an elite capital litigation bar group that deals solely with death penalty cases.

No lawyer, in Illinois or any state, is more dedicated to being available to his clients. His dedication to your goals would be the same whether you are charged with a federal white collar crime or a simple first-offense DUI, or if you are in need of an effective fraud defense attorney. From your free initial consultation to the resolution of your case, you will appreciate the attention Attorney Garfinkel pays to your specific situation. Jail and police station visits, off-site appointments and detention, bail and bond hearings are just a few examples of the extra lengths he goes to for each of his clients.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Multiple DUI Offenses; Driver Reinstatement; Criminal Appeals; Retail Theft; Orders of Protection/Restraining Orders; Mortgage Fraud, Mail Fraud; Extortion; Conspiracy; Vehicular Homicide; Carjacking; Misdemeanors; Solicitation; Indecent Liberties; Phishing Schemes; Computer Hacking; Creating and Distributing Viruses; Criminal Copyright Violations; Internet Sting Operation; Child Exploitation; Indecent Exposure; Internet Solicitation; Sexual Exploitation; Child Molestation; Sex Offender Registry Violations.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Federal White Collar Crimes

Our firm welcomes the opportunity to protect your rights in federal cases involving:

• Mortgage fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud
• Identity theft
• Embezzlement
• Money laundering
• Extortion
• Internet sex crimes
• Possession of child pornography
• Racketeering and RICO crimes
• Conspiracy
• And other white collar crimes

He can also capably represent your interests during investigations and in response to grand jury subpoenas. He has opposed a great number of government agencies at trial, including the FBI, DEA, IRS, ATF, ICE, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service.

- Narcotics

Have you been charged in federal court with manufacturing or distribution of narcotics? Are you under investigation for drug charges? The federal government does not take narcotics charges lightly, and neither should you. These heavyweight charges merit the defense assistance of a heavyweight Chicago attorney. You can find the experienced, aggressive legal representation you are looking for at our firm. Mr. Garfinkel is a former prosecutor with 20 years of experience. His long track record of success handling high-profile drug cases has earned him an impressive reputation throughout Illinois. He has successfully protected the rights and freedoms of many clients facing drug charges such as:

• Drug trafficking or importation
• Cultivation of drugs on federal land
• Manufacturing methamphetamine or other drugs
• Illegal possession of prescription drugs
• Counterfeiting prescription drugs
• Drug conspiracy or racketeering

- State Drug Charges

Attorney Garfinkel provides aggressive, accessible, and affordable state drug crime defense. He's wide range of legal services on the state drug charge front includes responses to situations such as: Investigations; Preliminary hearings; Probation violations; and Search warrants. Drug charges he has successfully handled on behalf of Chicago and Illinois clients have been connected to substances such as:

• Powder cocaine
• Crack cocaine
• Marijuana
• Methamphetamine (meth)
• Heroin
• Ecstasy
• Cannabis
• Prescription drugs

- Homicide

Our skills and experience are of great benefit to our clients, especially when we are called upon to represent Chicago and Illinois clients in the wide range of homicide and violent felony crimes such as:

• First-degree murder
• Voluntary/involuntary manslaughter
• Reckless homicide
• Vehicular homicide
• Residential burglary / burglary to auto
• Armed robbery
• Carjacking
• Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle
• Retail theft
• Felony theft offenses
• Internet sex crimes

- Internet Crimes

Mr. Garfinkel has experience handling all types of computer and Internet crime, such as:

• Internet fraud, credit card fraud, "Phishing schemes" and identity theft
• Computer hacking
• Creating and distributing viruses
• Criminal copyright violations
• Running an Internet sting operation
• Possession of child pornography ("kiddie porn")
• Child exploitation or solicitation of minors in chat rooms or on social networking sites

Conviction of an Internet sex crime can mean adding your name to the sex offender registry. Hal M. Garfinkel will provide the experienced, aggressive defense you need to help preserve your rights, your reputation and your freedom.

- Sex Offenses

Our firm is highly experienced in defending clients faced with a wide variety of sex charges, including:

• Aggravated criminal sexual assault
• Criminal Sexual Assault
• Aggravated criminal sexual abuse
• Predatory criminal sexual assault
• Criminal sexual abuse (misdemeanor)
• Internet sex offenses
• Solicitation
• Indecent liberties
• Prostitution
• Rape
• Date rape

- Child Sex Offenses

Mr. Garfinkel has extensive experience defending clients in both state and federal courts who are facing charges such as:

• Indecent exposure
• Statutory rape
• Internet solicitation of a minor through chat rooms or social networking sites
• Possession of child pornography
• Sexual exploitation
• Child molestation or sexual abuse
• Sex offender registry violations
• Other child sex offenses

Due to his long experience, Mr. Garfinkel is adept at handling all levels of child sex charges. Whether you have been charged with a state or federal child sex offense, you can depend on Mr. Garfinkel's years of experience to work to your advantage.

- Domestic Violence

Hal M. Garfinkel brings a wealth of experience in dealing with serious domestic violence situations such as:

• Spousal abuse/domestic battery
• Child abuse/aggravated battery to a child
• Stalking
• Harassment/telephone harassment
• Orders of protection/restraining orders

He can also effectively appeal a prior conviction and represent you capably at any preliminary hearings. His is truly a full-service criminal defense law firm, as many satisfied past clients will attest. When any aspect of potentially ruinous domestic violence difficulties enters your home, be in touch with his Chicago law offices.

- Weapons Charges

Mr. Garfinkel's trademark gun possession charge defense of your rights before, during and after a weapons law violation trial can have a positive impact on any of the following situations:

• Aggravated unlawful use of a weapon
• Unlawful use of a weapon by a felon
• Search warrants
• Bludgeons
• Assault weapons/rifles/shotguns
• Knives

Attorney Garfinkel passionately advocates for the legal right to bear arms, and every other right to which you are constitutionally entitled, before, during and after your trial. He's available from the free initial consultation stage to any appeals assistance your case may require. You will like the combination of courtroom experience, legal knowledge and client commitment he insists on, at every turn.

- Traffic Violations

Mr. Garfinkel has successfully represented clients in Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County and throughout Illinois in traffic cases such as:

• Driving under the influence (DUI)
• Driving with a suspended license
• Fleeing or alluding the police
• Excessive speeding
• Reckless driving
• And other serious traffic offenses


Attorney Garfinkel is highly familiar with the following terms and situations necessary for a quality DUI/DWI defense, and can capably represent your rights with:

• Drunk driving
• Statutory summary suspensions
• First, second or third offenders
• Felony DUI, based on the number of DUI offenses
• Reckless homicide
• Aggravated DUI

- Multiple DUI Offenses

One DUI offense can suspend your driving privileges. A second or third DUI can be charged as a felony and mean up to six years in an Illinois prison. Multiple DUIs are serious. When you need serious legal representation, count on our firm to protect your rights. Attorney Hal M. Garfinkel, a former prosecutor with 20 years of experience, has a track record of success in defending clients against drinking and driving charges. He understands how to creatively and effectively attack the basis of the prosecution's case. If you are being charged as a repeat offender, Mr. Garfinkel will provide the aggressive DUI defense you want and need.

- Driver Reinstatement

Our firm can represent you in both formal and informal hearings. For example, if your Illinois driver's license was revoked due to a DUI, Mr. Garfinkel can represent you at an administrative hearing with the Secretary of State to request that your license be reinstated. He understands that your driving privileges are important to you in this mobile culture. His legal knowledge, relationships in the various jurisdictions and years of experience can prove to be a successful combination for you.

- Criminal Appeals

Mr. Garfinkel's skill in defending you at the various criminal courts of appeal covers every kind of applicable criminal conviction and extends into the following jurisdictions and topics:

• Federal appeals
• Illinois state appeals
• Illinois post-conviction
• Federal habeas corpus

Many federal and Illinois state criminal appeals clients did not have access to the best representation of their rights and interests at their original trials. This causes clients to seek out more accomplished and well-known attorneys to clean up the mess left by others. Attorney Garfinkel has proven that he can right the previous wrongs you suffered and get successful results for you and your family.

- Retail Theft

Being charged with a criminal offense, like retail theft, requires an effective criminal defense attorney with a wide range of legal experience and a full understanding of criminal law. Having criminal retail theft charges brought against you can affect both your personal and professional life. It may be difficult to get a job or rent an apartment if you have a criminal history that shows up on the background check. Attorney Hal M. Garfinkel has successfully handled all types of criminal defense cases involving felonies and misdemeanors, and he is able to provide you with the utmost attention to detail regarding your retail theft case. When you need an attorney who is ready to fight for you, Hal M. Garfinkel is the one who can advocate for you.

- Expungement

Our firm represents clients throughout the state of Illinois in DuPage County, Cook County, Kane County, Will County and Lake County, who are seeking to clear their criminal records through expungement. Due to sensitive time constraints to obtain an Expungement Order, it’s imperative that you speak to an experienced expungement attorney who can help you fill out the appropriate forms and follow the proper procedures. Attorney Hal M. Garfinkel is a highly respected criminal defense attorney who can help you understand the expungement process. Even if you are not eligible for expungement, you still may be able to seal your criminal records, which would keep your arrest record out of public view.

- Orders of Protection/Restraining Orders

Sometimes when families are in the middle of a divorce and contentious issues over child custody and visitation rights are not resolved, the threat of domestic violence or accusations of physical abuse is not uncommon. With more than 20 years of legal experience in the criminal justice system, Hal M. Garfinkel has taken on complex cases involving highly sensitive issues that deal with domestic violence. In some cases pertaining to child custody, one partner may falsely accuse the other of domestic abuse, in an effort to be awarded sole custody. As a former prosecutor, Hal M. Garfinkel utilizes his background knowledge to spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence and can weed out faulty testimony. If you need strong legal defense, then the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel will work diligently to give you the best possible outcome for your situation.


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