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The Law Offices of Mann & Elias represent clients at every level of the California State and U.S. Federal court systems. We defend and represent clients in all kinds of employment claims including workplace discrimination, workplace harassment and whistleblower claims.

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 What is “At Will” Employment?

“At will employment” means that employers and employees have a wide range of freedoms in terminating their work relationship. "At will" states allow the firing of employees with good reason or for virtually no reason at all; however the termination must not violate the terms of a written contract, or break state or federal laws. Employees who are hired under these circumstances generally have little job security, and very few legal opportunities to fight for their job if they are fired.

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 California Dog Bite and Leash Laws

Every day about one thousand U.S. citizens incur dog bites that require emergency attention. Dog bite law is a branch of law that greatly varies from state to state. California has noticed an increase in dangerous dogs and dog bites, and has created a set of laws that are especially stringent in order to keep its citizens safer. Dog owners are responsible and held liable for what their dogs do to both humans and other animals.

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