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Law Firm Overview

Law Offices of William D. Powers is an experienced, dedicated law firm based in Austin. We provide specialized legal representation in family law cases in Central Texas.
The journey through the legal process along with the situations arise for our clients demand services that are individualized, like ours, to ensure that every need is addressed.

Our practice is focused on the following areas of law: divorce and custody cases, pre- and post-marital agreements, adoptions and paternity cases, mediation, and collaborative law. Most of our cases are in Travis or Williamson Counties, although we represent clients throughout Central Texas.

Although family law litigation is complicated, it does not have to be tragic. We approach our practice of law with a personal touch, ensuring that each attorney-client relationship is as individual as our clients and their circumstances are. During an emotional time such as this we make every effort to be a voice of reason for our client by executing various options including the collaborative law process, with the hopes that these matters may be settled without litigation whenever possible. We endeavor to maintain a current understanding of the newest applications of law and technology as they apply to our client’s cases.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Complex Property Division; Divorce Mediation; Contested Divorce; Uncontested Divorce; Divorce Modifications; Education Rights; Father's Rights; Grandparents' Rights; Parental Alienation Syndrome; Co-Parenting / Shared Custody; Parental Relocations / Multi-State Custody and Support; Post-Marital Agreements; Property Division During Divorce; Protective Orders; Restraining Orders.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas include:

- Divorce

Under Texas law, a divorce requires that community property be identified and divided, and that other financial issues are resolved, including confirmation of separate property and reimbursement among the community and separate estates. The financial futures of both spouses are affected by the allocation of tax liability, responsibility for on-going debts, the possibility of spousal maintenance (also known as alimony), and the enforceability of awards of property and debt.

- Child Custody and Support

A suit affecting the parent–child relationship, more commonly known as a custody case is included in any divorce with minor children even though it is common for custody cases to occur without an accompanying divorce. In Texas, the rights and duties of parents are allocated in this type of case, child support is set, and period of possession (or visitation) are established by a relatively flexible court order. Custody orders can also provide special protections for children and parents when appropriate or necessary. If circumstances change after a custody order is entered, a modification case may be necessary to change the order to reflect the new situation of the parents or the child.

- Pre-Marital and Post-Marital Agreements

Many Austin divorce lawyers help couples create an agreement before or during a happy marriage. Our firm understands the issues that often arise and can help clients create a pre-marital or post-marital agreement to protect their rights in the future.

- Adoptions

Under Texas law, the formal process for establishing a new parent-child relationship is known as an adoption. The formalities of the legal process provide the basis for that emotionally significant bond that characterizes the formation of a new family. Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but potentially devastating legal issues can arise. We understand the formalities of the legal adoption process and help couples work within the adoption laws to build a happy family.

- Protective Orders and Family Violence

Our firm has a unique skillset and experience in securing legal protections for clients affected by family violence, through the special form of relief provided by a protective order, as well as other provisions of Texas law.

- Paternity

Fathers and mothers may seek relief through a paternity case to either establish parental rights or challenge allegations of paternity. When paternity is established, a parenting plan must be developed that will include the sharing of parental rights and duties, a schedule for possession and access to the child, and retroactive and/or future child support and medical support.

- Mediation

Most parties to family law cases will take part in some type of dispute resolution process to facilitate settlement prior to trial. One type of dispute resolution is mediation. During mediation, a third-party acts as a facilitator to assist the parties in evaluating options to resolve their dispute. Mediation is typically used in conjunction with the litigation process, and is generally required by the court before the parties may proceed to trial. In addition to representing clients in mediation, Bill Powers is certified and frequently serves as a mediator in family law matters.

- Collaborative Law

The method of representation that promotes settlement between parties as an alternative to litigation is known as the collaborative law. The parties agree, together with their attorneys, to seek resolution of all issues in dispute through ongoing negotiations. The process is a voluntary undertaking to opt out of adversarial proceedings in court, and has built-in incentives for the parties to avoid the legal confrontations that can be emotionally and financially exhausting in family law cases. Bill Powers is a certified collaborative attorney, and has effectively represented clients through the collaborative law process.


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