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Legal Power Law Firm was founded by the Senior Managing Partner, Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob. The firm offers to its clients a level of expertise and standards of professional services of exceptional quality.

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 Nationalization, Expropriation, Deprivation and the Protection of Foreign Investors in Cameroon

Among the well-known commercial risk of today, expropriation seems to stand out as the most prominent. It represents the most dreadful form of measures to investors, which might be taken against foreign direct investment by a host state.

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 Tax Avoidance - Cameroon

Tax avoidance like tax evasion is a worldwide phenomenon, prevalent in all countries including Cameroon. It is not a modern device, neither merely resulting from the present day imposition nor necessarily brought about by the strong and popular resentment of taxation. The origin o f tax avoidance can be traced to the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries England where the “Use” and the ‘’Trust’ were employed to avoid the incidence of manorial tenure.

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 Legal Framework for the Regulation of Foreign Investments in Cameroon

The Cameroon Government in its effort to protect foreign direct investment has adopted a legal framework made up of on the one hand of national laws and specific contractual agreement signed between Cameroon and a prospective foreign investor and on the other hand , of Inter- Governmental Bilateral Regional and Multilateral Treaties agreed to by the Government.

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