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Law Firm Overview

Legal Power Law Firm was founded by the Senior Managing Partner, Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob. The firm offers to its clients a level of expertise and standards of professional services of exceptional quality. Our style of practice is a model, which encourages a vigorous team spirit and accentuates the advantages of proficiency, rapidity, reliability, security, discreteness and honesty towards our clientele.

Legal Power Law Firm is foremost practitioner in complex specialties like mining, gas & oil exploration, banking, and insurance, requiring some connection in Government. The unique internal structures of the firm ensure that the relationship between its individual lawyers is co-operative and excellent, all to the advantage of our clients.

Legal Power Law Firm is supported by a network of consultants and law firms at home and abroad to further enhance the effectiveness and high quality services. The unparalleled strength of the Firm’s practice areas are in the domains of international consultancy, business law, investment opportunities & advice, intellectual property law, mining, oil & gas exploration and exploitation, banking & finance, taxation and tax avoidance, insurance law, admiralty, shipping, marine insurance and aviation.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Job Site Safety; Tax Avoidance; Water Law; Registration of Companies and Associations.

Areas of Law Description

Legal Power Law Firm provides legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

- Commercial Transactions and Litigation

Our Commercial and Corporate Law Division enjoys a local and international reputation for the quality of its services. It is well known for the following specialized services: Debt recoveries and payments; Advice on the structuring of transactions; Advice on the selection of the most appropriate entity for transactions; Planning of group structures; Capital market advice and transactions; Drafting of documents such as Sale Agreements, Leases, Supply Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreement, Insurance Policies, etc.; Advice on e-commerce transactions; Insolvency; Fraud Recovery.

- Registration of Companies and Associations

We assist our local and multi-national clients in the incorporation of their companies and establishment. We register from a sole-owner company to a Private, Public Limited Company and a non-limited company for major financial institutions, mining houses, industrial groups, multinational companies, medium-sized organizations, individual businesses and entrepreneurs.

- Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Commercial and Corporate Division has extensive and varied experiences and expertise in mergers and acquisitions, including: Drafting of all necessary documents; Joint venture; Takeover offers; Schemes of arrangement; Due diligence investigations and report; Advice in respect of employment law issues arising from transactions; Advice on appropriate structures of transactions and their implementations.

- Debt Recovery

We handle debt recovery cases for individuals, and both national and multi-national corporations in Cameroon and the entire sub-region. We are the exclusive representative of the Collection Law Firm in Cameroon; a Canadian Law Firm specialized in the recovery of debt all over the world.

- Minerals, Gas & Oil Exploration and Exploitation Laws & Energy

Cameroon and the Central African Sub-region are endowed with a wealth of unexploited minerals, gas & oil and energy resources. This area of practice is steadily gaining grounds.

- Banking and Finance

The Banking and Finance Law Department is a specialized division of the Firm which offers a wide range of services concerning banking and finance.

- Insurance

The introduction of the Insurance Code applicable in the CEMAC region known by its French acronym as the CIMA CODE has witnessed the growth and development of the Insurance Industry in the entire Sub-region, Cameroon inclusive. Our Insurance Law Division caters for all long and short-term insurance (including reinsurance) needs.

- Admiralty, Shipping and Marine Insurance

Legal Power Firm is a prominent Law Firm within the entire Central African Sub-region with the aid of external consultants online, in the areas of Admiralty, Shipping, Marine Insurance, Transport Law and the Law governing Maritime within the entire sub-region of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC).

- Labor and Social Security

The reputation of Legal Power Firm in Labor Law is because of its offer of a comprehensive range of professional services to its corporate client base.

- Taxation, Tax Avoidance and Customers Duties

This area of specialization was initiated as a result of the recurrent disputes reported by both our local and expatriate clients. Most of our foreign clients investing in Cameroon or the CEMAC Sub-region do not master the taxation policies of Cameroon and the sub-region.

- Property Law

Legal Power Firm is a prominent Law Firm within the entire Central African Sub-region with the aid of external consultants online, in the areas of Admiralty, Shipping, Marine Insurance, Transport Law and the Law governing Maritime within the entire sub-region of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC).

- Aviation

We are specialized and experienced in aviation and related aspects. We have an external licensed Technical Expert to our vibrant legal services. Our consultant has a specialized staff that offers quality services under the best conditions, even when our field services management team handles your specific and recurrent operations within the Central and West African regions.


Angoh Angoh Jacob Mr. Angoh Angoh Jacob
Admiralty and Maritime, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Business and Industry


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