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Law Firm Overview

Legelata Law Firm has a rich history of providing exceptional services to clients across a wide range of industries. The firm's lawyers act as consultants for businesses involved in banking and finance, trade and logistics. They advise over highly complex issues connected with competition and intellectual property, foreign investments, tax and corporate matters. Legelata Law Firm represents clients in litigation and arbitration involving most vital issues. Our clients are safeguarded a strong protection through use of investment arbitration and human rights protection (ECHR) mechanisms which our lawyers master in.

The firm's team of young and energetic lawyers has the principal goal of providing highest quality legal services available anywhere. Exceeding the expectations of and building long term relationship with the clients, providing best solution to the clients’ legal needs are priority values for Legelata Law Firm.

The Legelata Law Firm maintains strong ties with its partner offices in financial and business centers of the world including but not limited to New York, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Tokyo. The firm is especially integrated horizontally in the CIS jurisdictions and Georgia having partner offices in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Astana and Tbilisi.

Year this Office was Established: 2010

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English, French

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Foreign Investments; International Transportation; Company Registration And Administration; Corporate Responsibility; Shareholder Rights; Employment Contracts; Commercial Contracts; Banking And Finance Tax; International Trade Taxes; Real Estate Tax; Restructuring Tax; Social And Employment Tax; Trade Name And Patents State Registration, Technology Licenses; Brand Licensing, Sponsorship And Franchising Agreements; Software And Databases Licensing, Transfer Agreements; Patent Pool Agreements And Management; International Contracting And Business Planning; International Trade Finance; International Dispute Resolution; Trade Regulation.

Areas of Law Description

- Antitrust and Competition

Our lawyers advise on most complex deals, including mergers and acquisitions which may give rise to anticompetitive concerns with the competition authorities. We represent and protect our clients in relations with the unfair competitors and competition authorities.

- Banking and Finance

Margaryan & Partners Law Firm provides legal services connected with most innovative financial products such as derivatives in combination with advice on more traditional instruments such as syndicated and plain-vanilla interbank loans.

- Corporate and Tax

Our team negotiates and closes sophisticated transactions representing public and private institutions. We help to save on taxes as well as protect our clients in courtrooms from any excessive tax claims. Our lawyers apply their complex knowledge to serve all the needs of our corporate clients.

- Foreign Investments

Legal advisory in our firm encompasses all the stages of the investment project starting from the screening and monitoring phase ending with the completion of the project and clean up. Our lawyers render complex legal advice capturing all the legal aspects of the investment project irrespective of whether it is a portfolio investment or direct investment. We protect our investors from unequal or discriminatory treatment by the state through our litigation and investment arbitration practices.

- Human Rights

Our team successfully litigates in front of the ECtHR and other treaty based bodies over the issues of concern to our clients such as property rights, right to fair trial, fair and non-discriminatory treatment, right to privacy etc. Our lawyers also bring and support cases in critical areas where there is a potential for human rights standards to be developed.

- Health and Pharmaceuticals

Rapidly developing medical science poses questions of law which shake some fundamental understandings and concepts. Our lawyers advise, find solutions and develop the legal doctrine in this area of practice while enjoying their contribution for the benefit of the society.

- Intellectual Property

Our lawyers are involved in tremendously complex transactions of intellectual property such as formulation and management of patent pools and standard compliance. Our practice also includes advisory and litigation on intellectual property matters for businesses operating in multiple sectors of economy.

- International Trade

By combining knowledge and practice obtained through practice in large trade jurisdictions such as UK, Germany and Netherlands, our team easily provides advice and litigates or arbitrates in foreign jurisdiction on behalf of our clients.

- International Transport

Our clients involved in logistics or freight forwarding, carriage of goods and passengers by rail, road, air, sea or multimodal transport benefit from our complex legal service when dealing with customs or tax authorities, need an advice over a late delivered cargo, desire to charter a ship or need to contract for constructing one.

- Litigation and Arbitration

Our firm has gained a high reputation as a trial firm by successfully representing businesses involved in critical lawsuits. We provide lawyers who have started to take the cases to verdict early from their careers and make use of all the available litigation and arbitration mechanisms freely.


Levon Gevorgyan Mr. Levon Gevorgyan
Managing Lawyer
Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Employment, Litigation, Real Estate


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