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Law Firm Overview

Lewis and Dickstein in Michigan is a law firm specializing in criminal defense. The firm is dedicated to helping clients charged with gun violations, traffic violations or misdemeanors. Throughout the process, the firm is aggressive in protecting clients' rights.

Attorneys at the firm understand that money is valuable and should be affordable to help families. They also understand that quality some money must be spent. They make sure their representation is money well-spent for clients and their families.

When no other lawyer is capable or willing to fight for clients with the tenacity, aggressiveness and effectiveness they deserve, lawyers at Lewis and Dickstein will stand by their side. They use all their resources available to find a way to help clients survive. They are not afraid to go to court with their expertise and fight for clients throughout the case.

Year this Office was Established: 1998

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Violent Crimes; Stalking; Retail Fraud; Child Molestation; Spousal Abuse; Federal Offenses; Vehicle Forfeiture; Immobilization for Alcohol-Related Offenses; OWI/Operating While Intoxicated; Misdemeanors; Sentence Reductions; Dismissals; Acquittals; Writs/Habeas Corpus; Domestic Assault; Driverís License Restoration; Criminal Sexual Conduct; Violation of Probation; Alien Smuggling; Gambling Crimes; Conspiracy; Customs Offenses; Grand Jury Representation; Internet Offenses; Obstruction of Justice; Misuse of Public Office; Federal Drug Offenses; Warrants; Public Corruption; Kidnapping; Bank Robbery; Complaint & Indictments; Pharmacy Fraud; Financial Crimes; Larceny; Malicious Destruction of Property Defense; Forgery; Home Invasion or Illegal Entry; Breaking and Entering; Resisting or Obstructing a Police Officer; Reckless Driving; Fleeing and Eluding; Driving While License Never Obtained or Suspended; Receiving and Concealing Stolen Property.


Loren Dickstein Mr. Loren M. Dickstein
Criminal Law, DUI, Felonies, Narcotics, Shoplifting

Randy Lewis Mr. Randy M. Lewis
Criminal Defense, Criminal Law, DUI, Felonies, White Collar Crime


  • American Bar Association
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan
  • State Bar of Michigan, Criminal Law Section
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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