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Law Firm Overview

Lex Law Firm was established in 2000, successfully operates in the field of law services, giving our customers reliable legal support protecting them against illegal actions of third parties. Since the date of establishment, our company has been dealing with a wide circle of customers, including business entities, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, and citizens desperate for solution of household questions. This determined necessity of a complex approach to render our services.

We have acquired experience and earned customers' credit making emphasis on rendering qualitative law services. The range of our interests and, therefore, business line has been continuously advanced. In addition to law services, we deal with the establishment and registration of companies in offshore areas, obtaining licenses for certain types of entrepreneurship, questions in the field of property, evaluation of all types of property, and rendering notarial services.

Year this Office was Established: 2000

Languages: English, Russian, German, Kyrgyz, Turkish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Consulting and Representation; Complex Legal Service; Business Entities Registration; Public Notary; Complex Legal Service; Translation.

Areas of Law Description

- Consultation and Representation in Courts

Lex Law Firm renders legal services for a wide range of customers including business entities and citizens who need to solve household questions. In our work we are guided by the broad legal practice and professional team of lawyers specializing in different branches of law with absolute confidentiality of contractual relations with a customer.

- Business Registration

Lex Law Firm has a great experience in rendering services in the area of corporate matters of business entityís activity, including legal entities profit and nonprofit organizations and private entrepreneurs, who realize their activity on the base of patent or certificate, and also rendering services to branches and representatives of the legal entities.

- Offshore Services

Lex Law Firm is the official partner of Wenzel Group of Lawyers that is one of the biggest international law firms specialized in the area of companyís registration in any country of the world. This cooperation allows us to fulfill the companyís registration in any country of the world rapidly and at competitive prices.

- Real Estate

Carrying out of real estate activities takes much time and requires material costs, physical inputs and specific knowledge. Thatís why the settlement of matters connected with alienation of property, legal support of transaction and solution of any complicated tasks should be entrusted to specialists.

- Public Notary

Public notaries are carrying out a lot of notarial acts within the frameworks of the Kyrgyz Republic legislation, providing all participators of civil circulation with all necessary legal protection.

- Translation

Lex Law Firm offers a wide range of services in the field of oral and written translations from/into different world languages, as well as services in the field of visa support for foreign citizens residing in the Kyrgyz Republic. There are certified specialists, graduates of leading universities in Kyrgyzstan, as well as native speakers in the staff of the translation department.


Ganjibaeva Aminovna Ms. Ganjibaeva A. Aminovna

Ibraeva Meerim Ms. Ibraeva Meerim
Corporate Law

Golovanov Roman Mr. Golovanov Roman
Criminal Law

Anna Sobkina Ms. Anna Sobkina
Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Offshore Services

Hnykina Vasilina Ms. Hnykina Vasilina
Corporate Law

Yen Vitaliy Mr. Yen Vitaliy
Managing Lawyer
Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Telecommunications Law, Economical Disputes


  • Bishkek Business Club
  • Association of Lawyers of Kyrgyzstan
  • Pardon Commission under the President
  • Supervisory Board of the Public under the Ministry of Justice

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