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Law Firm Overview

LMG Law Office serves families, businesses, and individuals in the Philippines with a full spectrum of legal services, each provided with the personal attention and client interaction for which the firm is known in Makati City and among corporations around the world. Lawyer Lifrendo Gonzales has quickly grown his firm to prominence and stature since its founding in 2011, bringing to clients in and out of the country the focus and care that has earned him an honored name among those living, working, and investing in the Philippines.

LMG Law Office's specialties include family, criminal, immigration, and corporate law, to name a few, and its customer base includes business owners and individuals across the republic. Lawyer Gonzales prides himself on providing legal services tailored to each client's personal communication, a practice that ensures that each need is found and met, and that has secured many a long-term business relationship with the firm and its clientele. LMG's reputation with clients has given Gonzales the ability to quickly expand from his home office in Makati City, opening a satellite office further south to accommodate demand, a testament to the genuine care and a listening ear Gonzales provides to each business and individual that seeks his aid.

Legal troubles are often exacerbated by bad communication, and lawyers with the ability to communicate clearly are often few and far between. Lawyer Lifrendo Gonzales has devoted the whole of his practice to working and talking with clients, creating quality relationships with his customers that have given LMG Law Office an enviable degree of success.

Year this Office was Established: 2011

Languages: Tagalog, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Annulment; Recognition of Divorce Decree; Change of Name; Correction of Entry in Birth Certificate; Civil Law; Donations; Ejectment ( Forcible Entry / Unlawful Detainer); Incorporation of Corporation/ Registration of Partnership; Preparation of Board Resolutions; Secretary Certificates; Retainer Engagement; Unfair Labor Practice; Anti-violence Cases Against Women & Children; BP 22 or Bouncing Checks; Estafa; Falsification of Documents; Threats; Coercion; Physical Injuries; Violation of the Electronic Commerce Law; Adultery or Concubinage; Bigamy; Notarial Services.


Kristine Richel Costelo-Gonzales Kristine Richel Costelo-Gonzales
Adoption, Assault, Battery, Business Formation, Business Law

Lifrendo Gonzales Mr. Lifrendo M. Gonzales
Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration, Litigation

Marcus A Sinson
Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Litigation, Criminal Law, Estate Planning

Of Counsel

Napolen Sherwin Morales
Liaison Officer


Frenor Jane Bumagat Frenor Jane Bumagat
Senior Paralegal
Criminal Law, Employment, Family Law, General Practice

Frauline Camille Hernandez
Criminal Law, Employment, Estate Planning, General Practice

Benjamin Sarmiento, Jr. Benjamin A. Sarmiento, Jr.
Senior Paralegal
Adoption, Arson, Assault, Battery, Bribery

Don Mikhail Siccuan Don Mikhail A. Siccuan
Senior Paralegal
Agency and Distributorship, Arson, Assault, Battery, Bribery

Michellane Yara Michellane Yara
Senior Paralegal
Administrative Law, Adoption, Appellate Practice, Arson, Assault



  • Societas Juris Honoris
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines
  • People Management Association of the Philippines
  • Association of Administration in Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Management

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 A Look on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in relation to RA 9262. Domestic Violence is an act of aggressive behaviour within the home and towards a member or members of the family such as but not limited to physically inflicting bodily harm to a spouse or children, verbally assaulting a member of the family, sexually abusing the wife, partner or even the children.

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 Philippines Separation Pay: To Whom and When is it Due

A guide for both employees and employers in Philippine Labor setting concerning payment of separation pay.

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 Pre-Nuptial Agreement in the Philippines

Future spouses have the freedom to enter into an agreement with each other as to how their properties will be governed, and just like any other contracts, the stipulations thereto should not be void or contrary to law, morals or public policy. Pre-Nuptial contract is an agreement between future husband and wife insofar as the property relations that will govern their properties during the existence of their marriage.

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 Annulment vs. Nullity of Marriage in the Philippines

A marriage declared by the court as null and void connotes that the marriage entered into by the parties is inexistent as if no marriage ever took place between them. Parties who enter into a marriage are presumed to have done so legally which renders their marriage binding and valid and may not be presumed by the parties to be otherwise simply because of their personal belief that a ground for its invalidity exists.

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 Marriage and its Validity in the Philippines

“Marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with the law for the establishment of conjugal and family life. It is the foundation of the family and an inviolable social institution whose nature, consequences and incidents are governed by law and not subject to stipulation, except that marriage settlements may fix the property relations during the marriage within the limits provided by this Code." Article 1 Family Code of the Philippines.

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