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Law Firm Overview

Lorenz is a reputed business law firm with offices in Brussels, Bishkek and Geneva. Our team of lawyers has broad experience in handling commercial issues, employment and corporate issues, international transactions, international disputes and in providing all-round compliance solutions.

The Lorenz Brussels office is currently providing legal services in a wide array of Belgian business law to multinational corporations, trade associations, governments and domestic Belgian enterprises. The firm’s fields of expertise include commercial contracts & transactions, corporate/mergers & acquisitions, IT & new media, privacy & data protection, HR & employment, diplomatic relations & international public law, litigation/arbitration & ADR, energy & national resources and transport & aviation.

Special about Lorenz is its independent status whilst being strategically connected to some of the finest law firms all over the world. This allows Lorenz to service its clients in international legal projects when needed and at the same time provide a personalized assistance to its clients. The vast experience of Lorenz lawyers in coordinating international teams in an independent and, therefore, cost-efficient manner is what makes Lorenz different and very efficient. Our local experience, knowledge of local business customs and conditions, influential political and economical stakeholders, market trends and developments enables us to offer our clients a truly unique service.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Diplomatic Relations & International Public Law; International Commercial Arbitration; International Investment Arbitration; Event Law; National & International Commercial Contracts; Consumer Protection; Unfair Trade Practices; EU Laws; Acquisition Finance; Shareholders’ Agreements; Central Asian Gold & Coal Mining; Central Asian Energy Resources Exploitation.

Areas of Law Description

We represent clients in matters across core areas of business law. Our experience continues to grow with the needs of our clients. Continuing legal education ensures that our lawyers are constantly adapting to our clients’ new challenges.

- Commercial Law

Commercial law governs a wide range of business transactions and deals with issues of both private law and public law. It includes the negotiating and drafting of national and international commercial agreements such as agency, distribution, licensing, and franchising agreements and also entails consumer protection law, unfair trade practices, consumer law and product liability. We seek to ensure that these contracts achieve the business goals of our clients while remaining compliant with the applicable national and EU laws. Due to the complex nature of the aforesaid agreements and the important financial consequences they can entail clients depend on Lorenz’ specialized and tailor made legal advice: at Lorenz, we do not believe in standard contracts as the needs of our clients are not standard either. Practice areas within Commercial Law: National & International Commercial Contracts; Consumer Protection & Trade Practices; Distribution & Other Commercial Forms of Cooperation; Central Asian Corporate & Commercial Practice; Aviation, Transport & Insurance Issues; Real Estate / Construction; Intellectual Property.

- Corporate / Mergers and Acquisitions

Lorenz offers the full range of legal services that corporate clients require to facilitate commerce in Belgium, Central Asia and elsewhere, including assistance with the incorporation process, advice on the conditions for conducting business, advice on directors’ liabilities and responsibilities and shareholders’ rights, assistance with corporate governance issues and assistance with the drafting and negotiation of shareholders’ agreements, etc. We also advise clients on the restructuring or re-organization of companies, privatization and insolvency issues and the dissolution and liquidation of companies. Practice areas within Corporate Law: Mergers & Acquisitions; Joint Ventures, Shareholders’ Agreements, Consortia and Corporate Alliances; Private Equity; Venture Capital; Capital Markets and Securities Laws; Acquisition Finance; Company Formation and Corporate Law Advice; Corporate Restructuring and Reorganizations/Insolvency; Corporate Governance; Company Secretarial Services; Corporate Litigation; Legal Opinions/Lawyer’s Letters.

- Labor Law

Our HR team is advising on employment law, employee benefits and incentives, right-sizing, in- or outsourcing, and business migration. Because of the international context in which our clients are involved the team has extensive experience with expatriation and cross-border matters. We also handle the following issues of labor law: Employment Agreement related Issues; Expat Work Permit Issues; Hiring-related Issues; Compensation & Benefits; Dismissal-related Issues; Collective Employment Law; Employment Regulations & Policies; Relocation, Collection Redundancies and Plant Closure; Health & Safety.

- Litigation / Arbitration and ADR

Although our primary aim lies in finding amicable solutions to disputes between clients and third parties through lobbying, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods, litigation or arbitration will sometimes become unavoidable. The Lorenz litigation team has many years of experience in defending the interests of clients before all Belgian courts, the European Court of First Instance, the European Court of Justice as well as before national and international arbitrators. The Lorenz litigation lawyers can assist you in the field of commercial litigation, debt recovery, unfair trade practices employment, intellectual projects, IT, and competition law litigation and international commercial or institutional arbitration.

- Privacy and Data Protection

Companies rely heavily on electronic databases and centralized IT systems for the storage, handling and transfer of personal data of their employees, customers and other business relations. Due to the evolution of new technologies, more information, including personal data, is collected than ever. Personal data constitute a valuable corporate resource and are increasingly shared and transferred internationally as the economy has become global. Lorenz lawyers have wide-ranging experience in the field of privacy data protection law and have acted as counsel for many international corporations, governments and international organizations, advising them in the following fields of expertise: Data Protection Compliance; Data Security Breaches; Direct Marketing Policies; Document Management Policies; Employee Privacy and Monitoring; International Projects, Cross-Border Data Transfers and Multi-jurisdictional Notifications; Privacy Litigation; Specific Industries.

- Sports and Entertainment Law

Understanding the specific nature and requirements of the global sports and entertainment industry, our niche lawyers combine in-depth knowledge and technical skills with a result driven approach and a direct availability. Handling both national and international matters, Lorenz sports lawyers provide services covering contract negotiating and drafting, dispute resolution as well as legal advice on commercial sports rights and projects. Our clients include athletes, coaches, teams, agents, leagues, sponsors, sports right holders, sports academies, investors, event organizers and advertisers. Within the entertainment business, we offer legal assistance in various areas such as television, music, motion pictures, electronic and print media. On a personal level we assist artists and media personalities with contract issues, corporate matters, reputation management, image and personality rights (including privacy), performance contracts and endorsements.

- Diplomatic Relations & International Public Law

Brussels and Geneva are both world capitals of international relations and diplomacy. Lorenz boasts a unique diplomatic and international public law practice and represents a multitude of international organizations, diplomatic missions, embassies, diplomats and civil servants. Lorenz is proud to be referred to as “Le Cabinet Diplomatique”. We also handle: Diplomatic Law; Representation of Governments, Embassies & Diplomats; Representation of International Organizations; Immunity & Benefits Issues; International Civil Service Issues; International Agreements & Conventions; General EU Law; International Trade Law.

- Energy & Natural Resources Law

Lorenz has extensive experience advising clients on legal matters related to energy projects. We also have experience with gold mining projects and due diligence – in particular in Kyrgyzstan for Kyrgyz and foreign companies. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of comprehensive and practical advice in an efficient and timely manner. Our clients include developers, operators, investors and other energy sector participants. Our firm also handles the following: Classical Energy Law; Renewable Energy Law; Central Asian Gold & Coal Mining; Central Asian Energy Resources Exploitation.


  • Cercle Diplomatique Geneve
  • International Bar Association
  • International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)
  • Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)

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Articles Published by Lorenz

 French Data Protection Authority Adopts New Rules on Service Quality Monitoring and Bring Your Own Device

The French data Protection Authority (hereafter: “CNIL”) recently released two documents reinforcing employees’ rights to privacy in relation to (i) the recording of telephone conversations with customers, and (ii) the use of personal device for work purposes, the so-called Bring Your Own Device (hereafter: “BYOD”).

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 The French Data Protection Authority CNIL Adopts Blanket Authorization for Pharma Industry

The French data protection authority (hereafter: “CNIL”) recently made public an important decision for the pharmaceutical industry. In a Decision No 2014-501 of December 11, 2014, the CNIL issued a Blanket Authorization in which it simplified the registration requirements for the processing of certain patient data by laboratories.

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 Employment in Belgium with an Employer Established in Another Country

This article discusses the question which is frequently posed wether a forein company can employ workers in Belgium.

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 Remedies Against EU Sanctions Targeting Russian and Ukrainian Officials

In the wake of new turmoil in eastern regions of Ukraine, the European Union has decided to expand the list of sanctioned persons subject to a freezing of their assets. Irrespective of a number of exemptions provided for in the relevant EU Regulations, the sanctioned persons have the possibility of challenging the freezing measures before the EU Courts in Luxembourg.

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 Getting a Clean Bill of Health for Privacy in Your Mobile App

App developers, users, and regulators alike are all grappling with the possibilities and implications of app technology in the health sector. As use of these apps grows, increasing attention is also being paid to privacy issues where those apps involve the collection and use of personal information including patient data. This article highlights some of the privacy fundamentals to consider, in particular when developing a medical app.

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 Article 29 Working Party Guidelines for Apps on Smart Devices - Belgium

On February 27, the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party adopted an opinion on smart devices. The opinion strives to clarify the European regime on the collection and use of personal information by means of smart devices.

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 Implementation of the “Cookie” Directive in Belgium – a Status Update

Member States were required to implement the so-called “Cookie Directive”, Directive 2009/136/EC, by May 25, 2011. Jan Dhont (Partner) and David Dumont (Associate) at Lorenz in Brussels, Belgium discuss the status of its implementation and other important information.

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 Lorenz attracts Antoine Druetz (Loyens & Loeff) and opens Non-Profict Trade Association Department

Lorenz proudly announces the arrival of Mr. Antoine Druetz as Counsel in its Brussels office.

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 EU—Article 29 Working Party Opinion 08/2012: Further Input on the EU Data Protection Reforms

The proposed new EU General Data Protection Regulation continues to generate discussion at the EU level.

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 BELGIUM—Time to Comply with the Amended Telecom Act

The amendments to the Belgian Act on Electronic Communications (Telecom Act) entered into force on October 1, 2012. Amongst other things, the amended Telecom Act introduces a requirement for opt-in consent for cookies and a data breach notification obligation for telecommunications providers.

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 Former Allen & Overy Counsel, Claudia Allatta, to Join Rapidly Growing Brussels Office of Lorenz as a Partner

Lorenz Brussels proudly announces the continued growing of its employment law practice by the arrival of a new partner, Mrs. Claudia Allatta.

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 Belgian DPA Clarifies Policy on Workplace Cyber Surveillance

On May 2, the Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA) issued its long-awaited recommendation on cyber-surveillance in the workplace (Recommendation nr. 08/2012). This nonbinding recommendation strives to clarify the Belgian rules governing access to the content of electronic communications at work, among other things.

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 Regulating the Use of Social Media across Continents - EU

Regulation of social media from a global prospective. Jan Dhont comments on transatlantic differences. Social media policies attempt to grapple with the impact that employee conduct online may have on the reputation, business interests, and legal obligations of an organization. They do this by guiding employees on appropriate online behavior and prohibiting certain conduct.

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 Australian Privacy Law Reform: A Step Closer to EU Adequacy? - Belgium

In 2012 the Australian Parliament will implement reforms to the Privacy Act which grant more powers to the Information Commissioner and streamline some of the public and private sector obligations relating to privacy. Australia’s Privacy Act 1988 (‘the Privacy Act’) governs the federal privacy regime in Australia, along with other legislation relating to telecommunications, health care, government data-matching, and criminal records.

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 International Court of Justice gives Judgment on State Immunity

On February 3, 2012, the International Court of Justice delivered its judgment in proceedings instituted by Germany against Italy for alleged violations of the jurisdictional immunities enjoyed by States under public international law. The Court held that Italy committed several breaches of Germany’s State immunity.

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 New Calculation of the Benefit in Kind from the Private Use of a Company Car

The Belgian government implemented a new calculation method of the benefit in kind from the private use of a company car, which applies as from January 1, 2012. The new calculation method causes that company cars become more expensive for both employees and employers.

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 The Obligations of International Organisations When Investigating on Informal Complaints of Harassment

On February 2, 2011, the ILO Tribunal rendered two judgments dealing with cases of harassment within international organisations. The Tribunal ruled that the claims challenging the sufficiency of the investigations carried out by the organisation at stake were admissible and allocated damages to the applicants, although the complaints were initially lodged in an informal way only.

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 Lorenz Adds Sébastien Ledure (Sports & Entertainment Law) to Rapidly Growing Brussels Office

Lorenz Brussels proudly announces the opening of its sports and entertainment law practice and the arrival of a prominent Sports & Entertainment Lawyer, Sébastien Ledure.

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 Social Security Schemes: What Is New for the Non-EU Nationals?

In this article the authors comment about the consequences of the new Eu-regulation 1231/2010 for the social security of non Eu-nationals.

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 International Civil Service Update: Challenging a Rule of General Application?

In this contribution, the authors comment on a recent decision of the Administration Tribunal of the International Labor Organization in which the principle is discussed whether a rule of general application can be challenged.

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 Immigration Update: European Visa Code

Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 establishing a community code on visas (hereinafter: “Visa Code”) establishes the procedures and conditions for issuing visas for transit and stays in the territory of the EU member states not exceeding three months in any six-month period.

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 PCI DSS: Is Your Company Compliant?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) is a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing the data security of customer details from card transactions. Find out why every company that is accepting online debit or credit card payment should be aware of these standards.

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 International Civil Service Update: International Organisations Recognise Single-Sex Partnerships

The author discusses a recent judgment of the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labor Organization that formally confirmed the ongoing trend in international civil service case law toward the recognition of single-sex partnerships insofar that they are recognized on a national level.

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 Will there Soon Be an Alcohol Lock in Your Company Car? - Belgium

The alcohol lock is making its way in Belgium, including in Belgian labor law. In its one hundredth Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Belgian National Labor Council has enacted the obligation for all Belgian employers to establish a well-conceived alcohol prevention and treatment policy. The installation of an alcohol lock in the employer’s company car park can be introduced in the framework of such a policy.

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 Supreme Court Gives Green Light to All–in Severance Packages - Belgium

In a recent decision, the Belgian Supreme Court has given its green light for employers to dismiss an employee and to simultaneously agree on an all-in termination package with this employee. Thus, the Supreme Court enables the employer to dismiss an employee in an efficient way that is satisfactory for both the employer and the employee.

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 ‘Dear valued customer, we regret to inform you that your data has been compromised...’

Paving the way for new standards in data security, on October 26, 2009, the Council of the European Union approved the directive amending Directive 2002/58/EC concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (the “Directive”).

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 Belgian Consumers To Pay For Privacy Unfriendly Data Retention Measures?

Jan Dhont comments on new data retention bill announced by the Belgian Ministry of Justice. “The proposed data retention requirements risk to violate consumer’s privacy and comes with a high cost. Belgian consumers are likely to pay twice for unpopular and privacy-unfriendly measures”, Mr. Dhont says.

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 Compensation and Benefits in Belgium: Limiting the Use of Golden Parachutes

This article outlines the state of affairs on the limitations that many politicians announced in the wake of the financial crisis on the use golden parachutes.

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 EU Extends Privacy on Social Networking Sites

The European privacy watch-dog has recently issued a long-waited opinion extending privacy rights on social networking sites. The opinion affects major and minor social networking sites with operators located both inside and outside the EU.

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 Who Needs a Work Permit in Belgium?

The current article sets forth the basic principles for immigration to Belgium and outlines who needs a work permit.

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 EU Introduces Information Security Breach Notification Requirements

With the proposed amendments to the Electronic Communications Privacy Directive 2002/58 (hereinafter: “E-Com Directive”), the European Union is setting its first steps towards introducing information security legislation in Europe.

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