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Lubbad Law Office, since our founding in 1999, have practiced law with a clear goal of effectively and efficiently finding solutions for our clients while simultaneously complying with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and character.

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 Foreigners are Required to Declare their International Assets to the Brazilian IRS

According to our understanding and as a result of an extensive study of tax law, IRS internal norms, as well as the law regulating foreigners’ status in Brazil. We have come to the following understanding of the ever so controversy question, do foreigners need to declare their international assets in Brazil when having permanent visa?

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 Private Port in Brazil

In 2008, a new Decree allows installation of private ports in Brazil. The federal government published on Thursday, April 30, 2008 the decree that allows the installation of private ports for the handling of third country. The goal is to create mechanisms for the development of the port, but the measure is already being criticized by the opposition.

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