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Law Firm Overview

Mark S. McDaniel, Attorney At Law, in Memphis is a criminal defense law firm. The staff at the firm well-respected in the field and believes in focuses on the clients' needs. The firm has been helping clients who are charged with a crime for more than 30 years.

Attorney Mark McDaniel likes to help people find solutions to legal problems. He wants his clients to have a better life after visiting his office than prior to the beginning of the case. He does what is necessary to help clients have favorable outcomes in their cases.

Mr. McDaniel uses his relationships with judges, prosecutors and experts to investigate the case and find the right solution to the problem. He has a reputation for being honest with his clients about every step of the case. Mark S. McDaniel, Attorney At Law, is experienced and committed to helping clients throughout the process.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Suspended License; Revoked License; License Reinstatement; Speeding; Defective Automobile Parts; Restoration of Rights; Patronizing a Prostitute; Kidnapping; Financial Crimes; Gun Crimes.

Areas of Law Description

The law firm of Mark S. McDaniel provides legal services and representation in the following areas of law:

- Criminal Defense

Mark S. McDaniel provides professional and diligent legal representation to criminal defendants in Memphis, TN. We have defended the rights and liberty of clients in a variety of felony and misdemeanor cases, ranging from complex white-collar and violent crimes to more simple matters involving drug possession and petty theft.

- Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Getting arrested on a drunk driving charge in Memphis is no small matter. The law office of Mark S. McDaniel Attorney at Law can help. A drunk driving conviction can result in jail time for even first-time offenders, so you must take action right away. At the very least you will incur a fine of up to $5,000, and Tennessee drunk driving laws require the suspension or revocation of your license. Losing your license can have dire long-ranging consequences: inconvenience to family and friends who might have to take over your driving responsibilities, extra cost to hire a driver, and even the inability to get to work. Additionally, a drunk driving arrest remains on your permanent record.

- Traffic Tickets and Traffic Violations

While traffic laws vary from state to state they are often very similar and result in comparable penalties when violated. If you or a loved one has received a traffic ticket, speaking to a traffic defense attorney is in your best interest. You attorney will review your case and work to have fines and penalties reduced and, in some cases, dismissed. The Law Firm of Mark S. McDaniel has represented thousands of people in Tennessee traffic court. Our experience and expertise enable us to aggressively and effectively defend our clients. Whether you have received a traffic ticket for a minor violation or a serious crime we are prepared to represent you. No case is too big or small.

- Automobile Accidents and Injuries

Mark S. McDaniel, a full service law practice located in Memphis, TN. is committed to providing close personal attention to its clients. The lawyers at Mark S. McDaniel offer competent and efficient advocacy on behalf of the victims of automobile accidents. Automobile accidents also referred to as traffic accidents, car accidents, road accidents, road traffic accidents, and motor vehicle accidents cause thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of disabilities each year. Many personal injury cases arise from an underlying automobile accident. Even a simple automobile accident can lead to a lawsuit involving multiple parties and multiple theories of liability. Additionally, automobile accidents may also carry the potential for criminal liability.


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