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Law Firm Overview

Meijers Canatan Lawyers has given Amsterdam and the Netherlands many years of expert criminal defense. Lawyers G. Meijers and K. Canatan have extensive experience in courts throughout the country, and they have been recognized for the superb quality of their representation.

The team at Meijers Canatan Lawyers assists clients through each stage of legal proceedings. Their expertise has brought the firm before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands and the European Court of Human Rights. Each team member is fluent in several languages, and each brings a different area of expertise to Meijers Canatan that has earned the firm the respect of peer and government throughout the country.

The lawyers at Meijers Canatan have dedicated themselves to providing top-notch criminal defense to all of the Netherlands. Their record of success is a product of their high level of expertise and the close attention they bring to each client.

Year this Office was Established: 2008

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Hebrew

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Fencing; Raid; Mugging; Scams; Extortion; Skimming; Forgery; Terrorism; Criminal Organizations; Maltreatment; Aggravated Assault; Leaving Scene Of An Accident; Economic Criminal Law; International Criminal Law; Supreme Court Procedures; European Court Of Human Rights Procedures; Vice; Violence; People Trafficking.

Areas of Law Description

Our lawyers have expertise in different categories. These are:

- General Criminal Law

At Meijers Canatan Lawyers, all lawyers are experts in criminal law and have dealt with many high profile national and international cases. Cases include murder and manslaughter, kidnapping, skimming, criminal organizations, vice, violence, drugs and people trafficking. Firm members have the necessary experience in press relations. A person caught up in criminal proceedings often has to deal with different judicial bodies. In the Netherlands, there are four bodies that are involved in criminal proceedings: the sub-district court, the district court, the court of appeal and the Supreme Court.

- Fraud and Economic Criminal Law

The integrity of economic and financial transactions is coming in for increasing scrutiny and being allotted an ever-larger investigation budget. That means that companies, financial bodies and government agencies are increasingly faced with criminal investigations to examine possible embezzlement. High-profile scandals in the Netherlands in recent years, for example concerning investment funds and price-rigging in the construction industry, are just two examples. This field can also include breaches of environmental legislation or of supervisory legislation for the securities industry etc. Lawyers at Meijers Canatan Lawyers have built up an enormous expertise in assisting ordinary individuals, companies and local governments in economic criminal law.

- International Criminal Law

Crime is increasingly committed on an international scale and is increasingly being investigated by the investigation agencies in various countries. This means that a criminal law attorney is increasingly dealing with evidence obtained outside national borders, and with Dutch suspects being convicted outside the Netherlands. In short, this growing internationalization has all kinds of repercussions. Dutch investigation agencies are often requested to assist their foreign colleagues, and this means that specialized Dutch criminal law attorneys are frequently requested to give an opinion on the legitimacy of that Dutch assistance. Our firmís attorneys are extremely specialized in providing legal assistance with an international element and have a wide network of specialized criminal law attorneys all around the world.

- Supreme Court Procedures

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands, located in The Hague, examines whether the lower court observed proper application of the law in reaching its decision. At this stage, the facts of the case as established by the lower court are no longer subject to discussion. The appeal in cassation therefore fulfills an important function in promoting unity of law. Suspects are not allowed to defend themselves during the Supreme Court procedure due to its legal complexity. Lawyers at Meijers Canatan Lawyers have a longstanding record in this field and frequently assist and advise both clients and other lawyers before and during this procedure.

- European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg was established under the European Convention on Human Rights of 1950 to monitor compliance by Signatory Parties. The European Convention on Human Rights, or formally named Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, is one of the most important conventions adopted by the Council of Europe. All 47 member states of the Council of Europe are signatories of the Convention. Applications against Signatory Parties for human rights violations can be brought before the Court either by other States Parties or by individuals. The firm has a respectable track record in this field, for instance with regard to violations by the Dutch government of the right to be present at trial and the right to legal assistance of one's own choosing, the infringement of the presumption of innocence and an ongoing case on the right to question witnesses.

- Extradition

Extradition is the official process by which one nation or state requests and obtains from another nation or state the surrender of a suspected or convicted person. Since the European Arrest Warrant has come into effect more and more persons have been surrendered to other European countries. Lawyers at Meijers Canatan Lawyers are experts in this practice area especially when the European Arrest Warrant is concerned as the only court that deals with these types of surrender cases is the court in Amsterdam.


Kerem Canatan Mr. Kerem Canatan
Criminal Law

Gabriel Meijers Mr. Gabriel Meijers
Criminal Law, Fraud

Clarice Stenger Ms. Clarice Stenger
Criminal Law

Christian Visser Mr. Christian Visser
Criminal Law


Mr. Michael Bernsen
Criminal Defense, Criminal Law

Pepijn Slewe Mr. Pepijn Slewe
Criminal Law


  • Dutch Bar Association
  • European Criminal Bar Association
  • Association of Lawyers in Criminal Cassation
  • Dutch Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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