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 Teens Driving Teens Equals Recipe for Accidents

Kentucky transportation officials have found that teenagers are much more likely to be involved in a car accident while they are driving with another teenager.

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 NHTSA Reports Rise in Traffic Accident Fatalities

A new report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is stating that fatalities due to traffic accidents have been increasing during the first part of 2012. This increase is possibly the largest increase in traffic fatalities on record since reports were first kept track of in 1975. Federal transportation agencies must begin asking themselves whether the past few years of declines in traffic fatalities are a thing of the past.

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 Feds Launch Large Scale Testing of V-2-V Accident Prevention Technologies

The Department of Transportation has announced plans to start testings vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure technologies in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The vehicle to vehicle technology will be tested in hopes that the cars internal computers will communicate with each other to reduce risks of accidents and traffic.

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 New Black Box Recorder Standards Could Help Aid Auto Accident Investigations

New federal standards have been put in place to require automobiles to come equipped with data collection devices. As of right now there is no standard that requires cars to collect data. The event data recorders are typically compared to the black box recorders that are installed on airplanes, and are used in the same fashion.

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 Preventing Bicycle Accidents

Though an experienced Kentucky personal injury attorney can recover bike accident compensation for a cyclist when an injury occurs, following Kentucky road rules and not having to collect in the first place is even better for a cyclist. Safety for a bicyclist requires having the right gear, understanding KY traffic laws, and keeping a bike well maintained.

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