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Law Firm Overview

Based in Damascus, Karawani Law Firm plays an integral role within the Mena City Lawyers (MCL). The firm was founded in 1994 by Osama Karawani Esq. and has an excellent team of professional Partners and Associates, specialized in diverse areas of corporate and commercial law.

Over the past few years, the firm’s practice and reputation have grown. The Firm built its reputation on a commitment to meet the individual needs of each client whether they are international corporations, local corporations, businesses, or private individuals.

The firm is a commercial practice law firm, specializing mainly in commercial law, banking and finance, Islamic banking & insurance, investment, real estate, infrastructure, oil & gas, construction, capital market and intellectual property.

MCL Syria's core practice areas reflect the demand from public and private sector clients across the region. MCL Syria provides legal expertise on all national and international business related matters. MCL Syria understands its client’s key objectives, and assists them in reaching their goals, by providing its best advice and consultation.

MCL Syria is available to advice, draft, negotiate, and interpret documents in English as well as Arabic. The office handles transactions of all sizes and all levels of complexity. The firm serves many of the most successful companies from all over the world.

MCL Syria mission statement is "delivering success to our clients", specializing in all areas of law necessary to contribute to the business success of the clients.

Languages: Arabic, French, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Corporate & Asset Structuring; Corporate Fraud; Corporate Recovery; Breach of Trust; Forgery; Islamic Banking and Finance; Onshore & Offshore Incorporation; PPP Practice; Private Client; Financial Structuring; Fiduciary Services.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas include:

- Banking Law

Our Banking and Finance lawyers provide transactional and advisory services on banking products including syndicated and bilateral lending, leveraged finance, acquisition finance, real estate finance, private placements, capital markets, debt recovery, recaps, barter trading in relation to currency, bonds and assets, onshore and offshore investment funds, and collective investment schemes. The MCL Banking and Finance team also work closely with the firm's Litigation and Dispute Resolution team and Corporate team to resolve the common banking and finance issues.

- Commercial Agreements & Contracts

With such an expansive client base in both commercial and private fields, MENA City Lawyers - MCL offers specialized commercial agreements and contracts catered to the individual needs of each client. The MCL team provides all types of Commercial Agreements, ranging from lease agreements, distribution agreements, agency and employment agreements, articles of associations, memorandums of association, sales agreements, merger and acquisition agreement, dispute resolution agreements and investment agreements.

- Competition Regulation and Trade

MCL meets the needs of businesses in terms of competition, import and export treaties and WTO regulations. We are capable of dealing with trade barrier regulations and non-tariff trade barriers. We advise on both contentious and non-contentious issues, including compliance; mortgages and consumer credit; terms of business and trading agreements; custody; insider dealing; market abuse and outsourcing, and unfair competition. MCL is experienced in approaching regulation from a commercial perspective.

- Corporate & Asset Structuring

MCL provides exceptional corporate advice tailored to the needs of our clients to ensure the best protection and full compliance with the law. MCL lawyers strive to implement their creative mark and apply the latest techniques to structure the most convenient legal products which take into account the specific requirements of a particular business and the relevant jurisdiction. MCL has acquired extensive professional experience in dealing with corporate restructuring and the transfer of ownership and management throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

- Corporate Governance

MCL provides practical advice and assistance to companies in all aspects of company governance. We can provide advice relating to the articles of association, memorandum of associations, secretarial services, and ensuring that directors are compliant with Company law. The MCL Corporate Governance team works closely with each client to provide assistance ranging from the establishment of the company to how the company is directed and controlled. The MCL team also advises and represents clients in cases of corporate fraud, malpractice and non-compliance with the Company law.

- Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

MCL handles both corporate recovery plans and formal insolvency procedures. We offer pragmatic advice and risk analysis to companies in difficult economic circumstances in order to facilitate successful corporate recoveries. The MCL network’s legal services include the transfer of economic interest; refinancing; restructuring; due diligence; share ownership schemes; and altering the legal nature or the incorporation jurisdiction of entities. We have experience in refinancing corporate groups and applying corporate governance concepts to existing corporate entities.

- Criminal Law

MCL provides advice and court representation on all criminal issues including general prosecutions and appeals; filing lawsuit; pressing charges; and the negotiation of settlements related to: Financial crimes pertaining to: checks, fraud, robbery, breach of trust and bankruptcy, etc.; Crimes related to forgery; Offenses against the person including, inter alia, murder, assault and battery, sexual offenses, medical negligence; Crimes related to personal dignity including, inter alia, defamation, slander, libel and personal offense; and Crimes related to money laundering and white collar crime.

- Financial Services & Investment Funds

MCL advises on all aspects of alternative investment funds including establishment, structuring, managing, and servicing of the funds. MCL's Financial Service and Investment Funds team provide advice in relation to financial products including lending and leveraged acquisition finance, asset finance, derivative products, national and international financial regulations relating to finance and investment funds.

- Immigration & Legalization Services

MCL provides highly reputable Immigration and Legalization Services to both national and international clients in Lebanon and the entire Middle East, North African and Gulf region. MCL assists with obtaining visas, work permits, commercial visas, resident permits, visas and resident permits extensions and legalization of all types of documents for persons wishing to travel to the MENA and Gulf region. MCL offers regional knowledge and experience and our Immigration and Legalization group is characterized by a top quality service and specific immigration and legalization knowledge for a wide range of clients.

- Insurance Law

MCL lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with complex insurance claims and insurance fraud, whether acting for claimants or defendants. We act for both policyholders and insurance companies. We also act on behalf of the beneficiaries of offshore trusts. The firm's insurance department advises on an array of matters including: insurance policies; re-insurance; coverage issues; policy interpretation; errors, omissions and professional negligence; captive insurance; insolvency and schemes of arrangement; property damage; business interruption and liability insurance; contract drafting; and regulatory issues.

- Intellectual Property

MCL lawyers provides insightful consultations and services in diverse areas of intellectual property law. We apply these services to assist our clients in producing a comprehensive brand management strategy which ensures the most efficient and productive use of corporate assets. The international MCL network works cohesively to ensure that intellectual property rights are protected and enforced throughout the MENA region.

- Labor & Employment

MCL undertakes a full remit of employment and labor services including advice on human resources and recruitment; service agreements; termination; discrimination; disciplinary and dismissal issues; enforcement; work permit; executive remuneration; share-related incentives; benefits including pension schemes and Social Security; and drafting and negotiating employment contracts, service agreements and company policies, procedures and staff handbooks.

- Licensing & Franchising

MCL lawyers are highly experienced in franchising and sub-franchising agreements in conjunction with having an extensive background in advising clients on the legal issues in relation to sole and exclusive distribution agreements. MCL is Lebanon's leading national and international franchise law firm to franchise, license agreements, distribution agreements and attorneys delivering a full range of legal services to franchisors, licensees and manufacturers operating in Lebanon, the Middle East and internationally.

- Litigation & Dispute Resolution

MCL's Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department are composed of a range of both local and international lawyers who have extensive experience, expertise and an outstanding reputation for success in litigation. Where a commercial dispute arises, we advise our clients on a comprehensive resolution strategy. This includes an analysis of the most appropriate forum in which the dispute should be resolved.

- Maritime, Aviation & Transport

MCL has an extensive maritime, aviation & transportation department, allowing us to provide comprehensive legal advice throughout this sector. The rapid growth of aviation markets in recent years across the MENA region has created the need for highly specialized, capable and experienced lawyers who can work on multi-jurisdictional issues. We provide advice and expertise on a broad range of matters, including finance and leasing, litigation and dispute resolution, liability claims, insurance, and commercial transactions.

- Oil & Gas

MCL has extensive technical expertise and wide-ranging experience in representing oil and gas companies across the Middle East and GCC regions. Clients seek our advice on transactional and operational issues in the Middle East, GCC and international jurisdictions on a vast range of services. These range of licensing, joint venture, production sharing and utilization across the entire value chain to project contracting, construction and service contracts, acquisitions, disposals, oil and gas transportation, due diligence operations, marketing and sales.

- Onshore & Offshore Incorporation

MCL provides comprehensive legal services for all aspects relating to onshore and offshore company incorporation. Before deciding to incorporate, we offer our client consultations on which corporate entity will best suit their needs and our corporate team offers a vast range of comprehensive legal services to the client. MCL's corporate team specializes in the incorporation and management of offshore companies and ensures compliance with all regulations and Companies Registration Office requirements in international jurisdictions.

- PPP Practice

MCL is a leading expert in advising on all aspects of project tenders, procurement and delivery. MCL delivers a full range of services for contracting authorities, sponsors, funders, sub-contractors and design teams on all aspects of delivering PPPs. We have highly renowned experience relating to the structuring, financing, organization, construction and operation of PPP projects. MCL's PPP Practice team works closely with our oil and energy department and real estate and construction department to ensure truly extensive legal assistance and advice for all issues associated with PPP projects.

- Trust Law and Fiduciary Services

MCL is a market leader in providing trust and financial services in the MENA and Gulf region. MCL is very experienced in using trust instruments and offering fiduciary and investment management services for private clients and family wealth management. Depending on the particular needs of each client, we work diligently and closely to create customized trust instruments and offer fiduciary services on both an international and national scale. Our highly expert team at MCL is on hand to advise and assist on all aspects of fiduciary, tax implications and family wealth transfer planning instruments.


  • Union of International Associations
  • International Trademark Association
  • Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA)
  • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

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