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Law Firm Overview

Mevorah Law Offices, established in 1979, is an Illinois multi-practice law firm with offices in Bloomingdale, Joliet, St. Charles, Rockford and Lombard. Our attorneys have built a reputation for the highest caliber of legal services, steadfast protection of clients’ rights and successful outcomes. Our attorneys and support staff share the vision on which our firm was founded: solving legal problems and providing clients with the Mevorah Difference.

We are dedicated to providing quality advice, steadfast guidance, experienced advocacy, and a superior level of client service. Our attorneys have more than 150 years of combined experience advising and advocating for clients in a wide range of areas. When you work with us, you will receive the benefit of our combined knowledge and experience. We provide a broad and diverse practice to meet the legal needs of individuals, families, and businesses in and around Chicago and throughout Illinois.

When you turn to us for legal advice and guidance, you will know immediately that we genuinely care about you and your family. We will evaluate the circumstances leading to your injuries, explain the legal remedies available and devise a strategy to meet your objectives. Working closely with you from the outset, we will answer your questions and promptly return your phone calls. We also will meet with you on a regular basis, keeping you updated on the progress of your case.

We make it easy for you to get the best legal help available. We offer:

• Three offices for your convenience: Bloomingdale, Chicago and Lombard
• Free case evaluation
• Contingency fees based on a successful outcome
• Saturday and evening appointments
• Home and hospital visits if your injuries prevent you from traveling

Languages: Spanish; English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Municipal Court; Drivers’ License Reinstatement; Speeding; Reckless Driving; Driving Without a License; Driving Without Insurance; Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License; Leaving the Scene of an Accident; Insider Trading; Tax Evasion; Solicitation of Underage Girls for Sex on the Internet or in Chat Rooms; Bank Fraud.

Areas of Law Description

Mevorah Law Offices handles criminal offenses of every type from minor traffic offenses to the most serious felonies. Criminal charges we have handled include, but are not limited to:


Our attorneys regularly defend clients facing DWI charges in Lombard, Bloomingdale, and the greater Chicago metro area. Extensive DUI defense experience gives our lawyers in-depth understanding of the scientific procedures involved in Breathalyzer, blood and other tests, which police officers administer to prove your guilt. We are prepared to question the tests’ reliability, accuracy and validity, and are committed to protecting your legal rights.

- Traffic Violations

Our lawyers at Mevorah Law Offices believe every case deserves our utmost attention and commitment. No case is too small to consider important. We understand that our clients’ quality of life and freedom are at risk. Cases involving traffic tickets or misdemeanors complicate lives and often limit future opportunity by reducing career choices, resulting in deportation, or other unwanted disruptions.

- Drug Crimes

Our drug crime lawyers have acquired expertise based on decades of experience handling drug cases. Drug allegations are prevalent in Illinois. According to the U.S. government, Chicago serves as a transportation hub and distribution center for drugs throughout the Midwest. Illinois has at times been ranked as the second highest state for incarceration for drug crime, which includes imprisonment for drug possession.

- Sex Crimes

Our lawyers listen carefully to your side of the story, thoroughly investigate to gather evidence in your favor, and work diligently to prevent indictment or get your case dismissed. Whenever possible, we seek reduced charges. We work cases on an individual basis, informing you of your rights and the risks involved in pursuing various options. We can negotiate plea bargains that promote rehabilitation rather than jail time. Yet, as strong litigators, we are always prepared to take a case to trial and fight on your behalf if it is the best course of action to obtain a favorable result.

- White Collar Crimes

Many types of white collar crime exist. At Mevorah Law Offices, our criminal defense lawyers are experienced in handling all types of white collar crime cases. If you are being investigated or have been charged with white collar crime, do not delay in seeking legal representation. Our criminal defense lawyers at Mevorah Law Offices have decades of experience and can provide strong advocacy.

- Assault and Battery

At Mevorah Law Offices, our criminal defense lawyers regularly represent clients in many different types of assault and battery charges, including those of the following nature:

• Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
• Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon
• Gang-related assault or battery
• Assault or battery involving a police officer
• Sexual assault
• Domestic battery
• Aggravated battery of a child

- Domestic Violence

The attorneys at Mevorah Law Offices have decades of experience handling cases that involve domestic violence. Since 1979, our lawyers have helped numerous clients in DuPage, Cook, Kane and Will Counties deal with domestic violence accusations and have taken effective legal action on their behalf. Traditionally, domestic violence resolved by family members; however, the media focus and other emphasis placed on domestic violence has changed the legal climate surrounding domestic violence cases. Laws have been stiffened and reporting requirements have become more sophisticated—all making domestic violence predominantly a legal rather than domestic matter.

- Juvenile Offenses

Our juvenile crime attorneys have decades of criminal defense experience and regularly represent juveniles. If your child has been arrested or is being investigated for juvenile crime, we encourage you to talk to a criminal defense lawyer at our firm immediately. We can help you understand the laws involved and legal options available. There are other alternatives to juvenile detention, such as probation and drug/alcohol rehabilitation programs, etc. Our lawyers make every effort to protect your child’s rights, see that your child’s case is heard in the juvenile court system rather than the criminal justice system, and seek alternatives to custodial confinement.

- Computer Internet Crimes

Our criminal defense team gives you unparalleled experience. We provide you with a team of lawyers, who have the background and training to provide you with an excellent defense against serious computer crime or Internet crime charges. We have handled numerous trials and have a reputation for providing clients with an aggressive quality defense. We believe our extensive experience, our reputation as hard-nosed trial attorneys, and our track record of success leads to better plea offers from prosecutors.

- Expungement and Record Sealing

Depending on the underlying offense, you may be eligible to have your criminal record sealed or expunged. Expungement is often utilized by individuals who were arrested for, or convicted of, a juvenile crime. Not every crime committed by a juvenile is expungeable. For example, you cannot have your record expunged for a murder or felony sex offense conviction. However, if you were never convicted of a crime or if the underlying offense upon which you were convicted would be a minor misdemeanor or petty offense, you should be able to have your arrest or conviction expunged. Our criminal defense attorneys at Mevorah Law Offices work hard to ensure your expungement is properly requested, and we follow up to make sure the police and law enforcement comply with the expungement order.

- Retail Theft and Shoplifting

Each year hundreds of individuals are arrested for retail theft or shoplifting. Individuals arrested for retail theft and shoplifting have all types of backgrounds, including businessmen, housewives, students and professionals. Often times, need and lack of money are not the underlying reason for stealing. Retaining a local defense firm like ours who regularly practice in the Chicago area county courts, means we know the options the court may be willing to provide you. For example, some counties offer classes or a second chance program or theft school. We know your options, and can make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

- Driver’s License Suspension

Your drivers’ license can be suspended for more than three (3) moving violation convictions within 12 months. You can also lose your license and driving privilege for not having insurance, passing a school bus, and refusing or failing a breathalyzer test. We can help. We offer aggressive representation in drivers’ license suspension or revocation cases. We will fight to get your driver’s license reinstated. In addition, you may be eligible for a hardship permit, to allow you to drive back and forth to work or other necessary driving.


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