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Law Firm Overview

Colbach Law in Portland, OR, handles personal injury cases. The firm boasts 20 years of courtroom experience, representing more than 130 cases. The firm aggressively fights for clients' rights and welfare regardless of how complicated the case is.

Attorney Michael Colbach is not afraid to take a case to court, unlike competitors who prefer to settle. He goes to court when it is in the best interest of his clients. He has the experience and a track record of successful outcomes from jury trials. He fights to maximize settlements by taking opponents to trial for a fair settlement offer.

Mr. Colbach is known for recovering $31 million for clients in just the last 10 years. Besides his successful outcomes, he treats his clients with compassion. His goal is to reduce their stress and burdens by taking the right actions to accomplish this. The law office of Michael A. Colbach works hard for clients to get them the compensation they deserve, as well as to support all clients through the process. He is always available for questions and help.

Year this Office was Established: 2003

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Rental Property Injury Accidents; Herniated Disc Injury; Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); Concussion; Facial Injury; Hip Implant Recall; DePuy Hip Implant Recall; Herniated Disc Injury; Light Rail Accident; Scooter Accident; Snowmobile; Vehicular Assaults; DePuy ASR Hip Joint Recall.

Areas of Law Description

- Personal Injury

Personal injury law is not simple or easy and requires many years of experience and hard work to become good at it. It is very, very hard for an attorney to do many different kinds of law well. If you or a loved one has a serious Oregon personal injury case, you need an Oregon personal injury attorney who tries cases and is good at it. Our law firms have tried over 130 jury trials and we have excellent results.

- Motorcycle Accidents

If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, we strongly encourage you to contact an Oregon motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. We know the majority of motorcyclists are themselves very safe, aware operators, because they have to be. Yet Motorcyclists often encounter negative attitudes about riding motorcycles and insurance companies use this to try and pressure motorcyclists into accepting unfair settlements.

- Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often both more severe and also more complex legally then most car accidents. A car accident involving a semi-truck and tractor trailer often causes more severe injuries to the passengers of the cars than a car vs. car accident. In addition, car accidents involving large semi truck tractor trailers also too frequently result in death.

- Boating Accidents

Every year Oregon recreational boaters and commercial fisherman suffer serious injuries in Oregon boating accidents. Proving who is at fault in an Oregon boating accident is not as easy or as obvious as a car accident. There are a number of safe boating rules that if not followed can result in boating accidents and injuries. Mike is also a Captain himself and captains his tuna sportfishing charter boat.

- Bus Accidents

Buses are part of our daily life, from the time we start school to the time we begin commuting to our jobs. Of course, it is not uncommon that buses are involved in minor and serious accidents on our roads. You may be a passenger in a bus involved in an accident, or a bicycle or pedestrian hit by a bus, or a car, truck or motorcycle involved in an accident with a bus.

- Car Accidents

If you have been seriously injured in an Oregon auto accident, it is important you talk to a personal injury lawyer who is an experienced Oregon auto accident attorney as soon as possible. You may have questions about your auto insurance policy and the coverageís that you have such as personal injury protection (pip), wage loss, missed time from work, uninsured driver questions, or even problems with medical bills that you are receiving due to your accident.

- Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

Even if you are on a bicycle or a pedestrian, your personal injury protection from your auto insurance policy should pay your medical expenses if you are struck by a motor vehicle. If you donít have auto and health insurance, then the other driverís insurance should pay your medical bills.

- Product Liability

Product liability is the branch of law which holds manufacturers of goods responsible for defective or dangerous products. Like personal injury law, a good product liability attorney must be skilled in the courtroom and an experienced trial lawyer. Most often, product liability cases are associated with negligence on the part of the manufacturer.

- Brain Injury

If you suffered a brain injury do to the fault of someone else, you need to make sure you are fairly compensated or you or our family could suffer financially for years to come. Brain injuries can sometimes be hard to prove. You may look and act fairly normal, but those around you can see the difference.


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Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

In order to be an effective Oregon personal injury attorney, you need to be an Oregon trial attorney.

You need to ask every attorney you talk to, "How many cases have you tried and what have your results been?"

If I take your case, I will be willing to go to trial. The insurance companies know this.

I cannot guarantee what a jury will do, but I can guarantee you that I won't back down.

Injuries can be long-lasting. Make sure you get the compensation you and your family deserve for your injuries now, and well into the future.

If you have been injured please give me a call so we can discuss your options and rights.

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