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Law Firm Overview

Michael P. Fleming and Associates P.C. is a Houston-based personal injury and car accident law firm. Whether the case is a wrongful death or an accident injury case, the lawyers treat it the same. The lawyers push for successful resolutions to clients' problems.
The lawyers work to get them the compensation they deserve.

Both personal injury and wrongful death require experienced attorneys who can find an answer to situations quickly and effectively. Michael P. Fleming and Associates P.C. has the necessary experience, more than 25 years, to resolve issues for clients fast.

Attorneys at the firm make sure their clients understand what is happening and can get through the difficult times following an accident.

Year this Office was Established: 2002

Languages: Spanish, English, Vietnamese

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Amputation Injuries; Legal Malpractice; Running Red Lights; Air Bag Injuries; DWI Accidents; Distracted Driving Accidents; Texting While Driving; Dram Shop Car Accidents; Parking Lot Accidents; Police Officer Accidents; Rear End Car Accidents; Tailgating Accidents; Taxi and Limo Accident Injury; Underinsured/Uninsured Accidents; Offshore Injuries; Unseaworthiness; Amusement Park Injury; Drowning Injury; Injuries to Children; Pharmaceutical Drugs; Dog Bite Injuries; Balcony Injuries; Criminal Attacks at Apartment Complexes; Elevator Accidents; Sexual Assault Injury; Stairwell Injuries; Swimming Pool Accidents; Chemical Exposure Injury; Explosions; Oil Spills; Refinery Accidents; Third-Party Liability Claims; Toxic Exposure.

Areas of Law Description

At Michael P. Fleming & Associates, we focus on providing legal services in the following areas:

- Personal Injury

When you have been injured, it can be difficult to focus on your medical treatment at the same time you need to deal with insurance forms and questions. At the Michael P. Fleming & Associates law firm, you will find Houston personal injury attorneys who will deal with the insurance companies while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

- Car Accidents

Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. understand the impact that a car accident can have on a person's life and the lives of his or her loved ones. Our attorneys have the skills and experience to help you reclaim your life again after an accident has left you seriously injured. We also assist those who have lost loved ones to fatal motor vehicle accidents.

- Workplace Accidents

When a company decides to withhold the protections of the workers compensation laws for its employees, state law allows injured workers to bring claims against their employer if they are injured as a result of negligent conduct. Texas labor law prohibits the employer from claiming that the injuries were caused by the contributory negligence of the victim.

- Pharmaceutical Drug Cases

At Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C., our defective drug lawyers are committed to helping adults and children who have been harmed by the side-effects of drugs promoted as safe by the large pharmaceutical companies. Many of the conditions caused by these products are life-threatening and fatal.

- Wrongful Death

Our lawyers help families of wrongful death victims recover damages. We can file claims on behalf of your relative's estate and on behalf of the family and, thus, recover expenses, compensate for your losses, and hold the responsible party accountable. While money cannot make up for your loss, it can help cover the financial damages.


Michael Fleming Mr. Michael P. Fleming
Managing Partner
Accident, Admiralty and Maritime, Animal Bites, Asbestos Mesothelioma, Aviation Accidents


Pamela England Pamela England
Accident, Admiralty and Maritime, Animal Bites, Aviation Accidents, Back and Neck Injury

Laura Krzesienski Laura Krzesienski
Accident, Animal Bites, Back and Neck Injury, Bicycle Accident, Birth Injury

Audrey Manito Audrey Manito
Accident, Admiralty and Maritime, Animal Bites, Aviation Accidents, Back and Neck Injury



  • Texas Bar Foundation
  • American Board of Trial Advocates
  • Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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