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 Insurance Information Generally Not Admissible in Injury Cases

Why you probably can't sue an insurance company for your accident. Many of my clients ask me why I donít file suit against the at-fault driverís insurance company. After all, it is the insurance companyís adjuster who I have been negotiating with for months before filing suit. The reason I donít name the insurance company in the lawsuit is that generally, Georgia law says I canít.

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 Diminished Value in Georgia

Why you should not accept the insurance company's first offer.

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 Top Six Reason You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

What you don't know can hurt you if you are injured in an Accident.

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 Georgia's New "Texting" While Driving Law.

What exactly is prohibited by Georgia's new statute and what are the consequences if you violate it?

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 Why You Should Never Talk to the Other Side's Insurance Adjuster After an Accident

Very often speaking with an insurance adjuster will kill your case. It is better to hire an attorney to do the talking for you.

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