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Law Firm Overview

Milligan Coughlin, LLC is a criminal defense law firm based in Boston, Massachusetts that represents clients throughout the state in matters ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies. The firm's exceptional legal team appreciates the fears and the stress that result from facing criminal charges, and they work to ease clients' minds as they prepare thoroughly and provide aggressive representation. The firm knows how important its clients' freedom is to them, to their families and to their futures. That understanding fuels the firm's team in providing the most compelling and professional defense possible in any given instance.

The lawyers of Milligan Coughlin, LLC take pride in getting to know their clients, keeping them up to date, inviting questions and encouraging open communication. The personable and personalized care helps clients remain calm at a time when so much is at stake, and the obvious demonstration of legal skill leaves clients feeling confident that their matters will be handled with the utmost care. The firm carefully selects experts to assist the defense in convincingly refuting the prosecution's assertions and evidence, and its lawyers construct effective presentational materials in an effort to boldly illustrate the point in question, assert the clients rights, and ultimately to achieve the best available outcome in every case.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Small Business Institute; Admin Licensing; Appeals Post Conviction; Restraining Harassment Orders; Federal Crimes; Guns Weapons Charges; Larceny; Drug Distribution; Drug Possession; Intent to Distribute; Prescription Drug Crimes; Probation Violations; Sexual Assault; Traffic Offenses; OUI; Driving While Suspended For DUI; First Offense DUI; Second Offense DUI; Third Felony DUI Offense; Vehicular Homicide; Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA); Maternity Leave; Wage and Tip Violations; Consumer Protection; Copyright Infringement; Federal Civil Forfeiture; Medical Marijuana.

Areas of Law Description

Milligan Coughlin LLC provides legal advice on matters related to:

- Criminal Defense

At the law firm of Milligan Coughlin, our Boston criminal attorneys are committed to providing the knowledgeable advice, aggressive advocacy and quality legal representation that you require when you need them most. Even a seemingly minor criminal charge can have far-reaching implications and impact your future.


The state of Massachusetts aggressively prosecutes drunk drivers. Our criminal defense team includes a former prosecutor and experienced lawyers for DUI defense who have handled hundreds of DUIs and are committed to protecting your rights.

- Employment Law

Standing up for your rights in an Employment related claim doesn’t have to be a lopsided affair. Our Boston employment attorneys strive to obtain the best possible results as quickly and efficiently as possible. We represent current and former employees of companies of every size and help them level the playing field.

- Business and Commercial Law

Because we provide high-end commercial litigation support at a reasonable cost, our clients receive a world class effort at a significant value. The moment a deal goes bad, or the moment a borrower defaults, our litigation team is ready to step in and address the problem immediately.

- Litigation

The litigation team at Milligan Coughlin is unique because of our experience and our focus on taking each case to trial. We have extensive trial experience. Collectively, the firm's lawyers have completed more than 100 trials in the last five years. From the early stages of negotiation to the final jury verdict in your favor, our attorneys provide the legal skills necessary for you to succeed.


Leonard Milligan III Mr. Leonard E. Milligan III
Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Litigation



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