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 Bike Walk CT & the Capitol Region Council of Governments Publish Rules of the Road for Cyclists in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Transportation, the Capitol Region Council of Governments and the Central Connecticut Bicycle Alliance have published a Share the Road brochure on bicycle safety and bicycle traffic enforcement in Connecticut.

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 Google Maps Finally Adds Bike Routes

Beginning in 2010, Google Maps has offered routes specifically for bikes. Now, cyclists can use their computers to plot the best route from point A to point B, including the topography and traffic conditions.

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 New York City DOT Proposes 10,000-Bike System from Bike-Share Providers

At the end of November, 2010 the New York City Department of Transportation officially released a written proposal asking private companies to submit bids to establish a year-round bike share system that would offer 10,000 bicycles at about 600 stations throughout Manhattan.

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 Bicycle Education Programs and Encouraging Young People to Ride

As the world continues to struggle with voracious energy demands, traffic congestion, and global warming, many communities are looking to promote bicycle use among young people as an alternative to cars.

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