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Law Firm Overview

Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick and Mirabella LLC in Wheaton, IL, helps those clients who need to resolve family disputes, business litigation or employment discrimination. The firm celebrates its 50 years of serving people of Illinois, which means it knows much about family law.
The firm has a reputation for providing high-quality legal advice to clients.

Attorneys at the firm believe that the most successful cases involve clients who are informed of the process. They communicate with clients constantly so they can make good decisions regarding their lives. They work hard to comfort clients, reduce their stress and keep to a financial budget.

Lawyers with Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick and Mirabella LLC guide their clients through the legal process, answering questions and e-mails. They come up with strategies that are tailored to the particulars of the cases. They listen to their clients and find creative solutions to their problems. They are successful in helping clients.

Year this Office was Established: 1951

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: High Net Worth Divorce; Post Divorce Modification; Property Distribution; Enforcement & Modifications; Construction Litigation; Debt Collection; Breach of Contract; Consumer Fraud; Scaffolding Accident; Probate Litigation; Traffic Violation.

Areas of Law Description

Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC offers legal services on the following areas of practice:

- Maintenance/Alimony

Our divorce attorneys at Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC, understand the complexities of spousal support. Maintenance, formerly known as alimony, is support for one divorcing spouse from the other. It is not automatically granted, and will depend on whether the facts justify such an award.

- Paternity

The first step in any paternity case is determining paternity. This can be done either through DNA testing or through the voluntary acknowledgement of both parents. In cases of contested paternity, a court order may be necessary to compel DNA testing. Our attorneys are experienced in handling both contested and uncontested paternity cases.

- Child Support

The child support lawyers at our firm understand the child support laws of Illinois. These laws are based on a formula established by statute. Individuals can get an estimate of probable child support orders by linking to a child support calculator. However, it is best to consult with a knowledgeable Illinois child support lawyer to discuss child support.

- Collaborative Law

“Collaborative Family Law” is the shared belief by all participants that it is in the best interests of participants and their families in typical family law matters to voluntarily commit themselves to avoiding adversarial proceedings. This conflict resolution process, which does not rely on a court-imposed resolution, but relies on an atmosphere of honesty, cooperation, integrity and professionalism, is geared toward the future well-being of the family.

- Mediation

Joseph F. Mirabella is a certified mediator. He brings a wealth of experience, both personal and professional, to his mediation cases. Licensed to practice law in 1963 and concentrating his practice in the area of family law for more than 40 years, he is a highly qualified mediator.

- Sexual Harassment

Our attorneys are sensitive to the very real trauma caused by sexual harassment on the job. Sexual harassment can take many forms, but there are only two kinds under Illinois law. One is when a boss or someone in authority requests an unwanted sexual or other inappropriate relationship in return for on-the-job benefits, such as promotion or salary increase. The other kind of sexual harassment is the creation and the persistence of a hostile work environment.

- Civil Litigation

* Probate and Estate Litigation

Since 1951, our law firm, Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC, in Wheaton, Illinois, has provided legal advice and representation to clients with estate and probate administration needs. Our probate and estate litigation law firm represents individuals, estate administrators, and others with will and trust contests, protecting your interests at every step of the way.

* Personal Injury Litigation

We help people file claims for wrongful death or for injuries sustained in car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle accidents and dangerous and unsafe premises. You deserve compensation for your serious injury, and our attorneys work hard to help you obtain it.

* Commercial Litigation

Our business litigation attorneys help small and large businesses and corporations resolve disputes that occur in the course of business operations. Some of the matters we have handled for our clients include: debt collection; bankruptcy; breach of contract; shareholder lawsuits; antitrust actions; consumer fraud allegations; RICO actions.

- Criminal Law

No matter what the charge, it is critically important to hire an experienced criminal law attorney to represent you. With your freedom and your future on the line, nothing could be more vital. At Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC, our attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience.

* Theft and Shoplifting

Theft and shoplifting are considered “crimes of moral turpitude,” which means an arrest or conviction in these cases can negatively affect the immigration status and naturalization process for defendants who are not U.S. citizens.

* Drug Charges

Drug charges, particularly possession of marijuana, are some of the most common criminal charges in Illinois. Consequences for convictions on drug charges vary greatly depending on the type and quantity of drug involved. No matter what the charge, the attorneys at Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC will thoroughly and vigorously defend you.

- DUI Defense

Being arrested and charged with a DUI is very frightening. DUI charges can threaten your driving privileges, your livelihood, your insurance premiums and your freedom. We take DUI charges very seriously and offer our clients zealous representation. Many people assume that it is impossible to fight a DUI charge, but that is a false assumption.

* Traffic Violations

At Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC, we assist clients in dealing with all types of traffic offenses. We understand the seriousness of traffic cases, and offer clients professional representation in all matters.


George Frederick Mr. George S. Frederick
Child Support, Discrimination, Divorce, Family Law, Sexual Harassment

John Kincaid Mr. John B. Kincaid
Managing Attorney
Commercial Litigation, Estate and Trust, Personal Injury, Probate

Lynn Mirabella Ms. Lynn M. Mirabella
Alimony, Child Support, Divorce, Family Law

Joseph Mirabella Jr. Mr. Joseph F. Mirabella Jr.
Divorce, Family Law, Litigation, Mediation


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