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Law Firm Overview

Morisi & Oatway, P.C. is a business law firm located in Quincy, Massachusetts which serves clients throughout the surrounding areas of Quincy and Boston. The firm's attorneys provide dedicated, individualized attention to every client.
They are strongly committed to offering accessible and friendly service while welcoming inquiries and addressing concerns.

The lawyers of the firm believe in concise solutions that account for both present and future needs of the individual or company. They understand the time-sensitivity of their clients' matters, and their concentration solely on business law has enabled them to provide quick and effective solutions. They aim to resolve matters in as little time as possible while providing the most beneficial outcome.

The attorneys of Mirisi & Oatway, P.C. have facilitated countless business transactions on behalf of individuals, as well as small and large businesses, in matters of real estate and business transactions, contracts, litigation and more. With a variety of consultants and contacts in various fields, the firm is equipped to expertly engage even the most complicated or obscure business-related needs of clients, and its record of successful results serves to demonstrate its lawyers' exceptional capability.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Employment Litigation; Real Estate Litigation; Condominium Litigation; Business Transactions; Real Estate Transactions.

Areas of Law Description

- Condominiums

Unlike homes and commercial buildings, condominiums present their own set of special problems and types of disputes. We represent developers, condominium boards, vendors, and management companies.

- Real Estate Transactions

We are experienced in helping our clients with all their real estate needs, including buying, selling, and financing property in the state of Massachusetts. We review and negotiate contracts so that they are favorable to you and represent your best interests. We represent clients in the process of closing loans or buying, selling, or leasing properties including rental properties, commercial properties, houses, and condominiums.

- Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

Through estate planning, wills and trusts is essential to making sure that your property is distributed as you intended and that you maximize the assets that are retained by you and your family. It is important that will formalities are followed to minimize the chance that there will be a will contest following your death.


Andrew Oatway Mr. Andrew C. Oatway
Managing Attorney
Business Law, Probate, Real Estate



  • New Hampshire Bar Association
  • Essex County Bar Association
  • Massachusetts Bar Association
  • Salem Bar Association

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