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Law Firm Overview

The Napolin Law Firm serves Southern California residents recovering from injury by providing trusted legal advice and powerful litigation tactics in the areas of personal injury, auto accident and workers' compensation law.
When you have suffered an injury either on or off the job, attorney Alexander D. Napolin can put his experience and mastery of California injury law to work for you to maximize your recovery and your peace of mind.

Attorney Alexander D. Napolin dedicates himself to providing the best possible service to his clients through excellent communication with each client and individualized attention to each case. The firm's office is located in Claremont California and serves all surrounding cities and counties, bringing to each client quality and committed legal advice and advocacy. Mr. Napolin's down to earth approach to legal issues and his caring manner earn the trust and respect of his clients. Many become his friends and returning clients.

Mr. Napolin is committed to using his diverse educational background and knowledge of the law to improve the lives of individuals who need a strong voice to win needed compensation and justice.

Year this Office was Established: 2013

Languages: English, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Amusement Park Accident; Construction Vehicles Accident; OSHA Violation; Dog Bite; Drunk Driving Accident; Forklift Accident; Hit And Run; School Bus Accident; Taxi Cab Accident; Child Injury; Whiplash Injury; Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; Family and Medical Leave Act; Wage and Hour Laws; Workplace Privacy; Workplace Safety; Vehicle Recall.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Personal Injury & Auto Accident Cases

Personal Injury Attorney Alexander Napolin knows how to present your case, make a strong settlement demand to the insurance company and, if necessary, bring your case to a trial on the merits if you are not offered a fair settlement for your injuries. Car crashes, truck accidents, amputations, dog bites, traumatic brain injury, scars, motorcycle accidents, bus collisions.

- Workers Compensation & Job Accident Cases

At Napolin Law Firm, Mr. Napolin personally handles your case to make sure you get the money compensation and medical benefits that you deserve. By retaining Napolin Law Firm and filing a claim, you will have an experienced Claremont California workers compensation lawyer on your side.


Ms. Catherine R. Lombardo
Accident, Animal Bites, Back and Neck Injury, Bicycle Accident, Brain Injury

Alexander Napolin Mr. Alexander D. Napolin
Accident, Animal Bites, Back and Neck Injury, Bicycle Accident, Birth Injury

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Articles Published by Napolin Law Firm

 California Wrongful Death and Funeral Expenses

Learn about wrongful death and how it can help pay for funeral expenses. Heirs may be entitled to recover damages from the person who negligently caused the death of a loved one. Family members such as parents, children and the spouse of the victim usually have standing to collect damages in the form of funeral expense.

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 Proving Car Accident Claim's Past Medical Expenses

To successfully recoup medical expenses from your personal injury insurance claim. a claimant must satisfy the adjuster that the medical treatment was necessary and that the charges were reasonable. Most injury victims have issues doing so because they do not understand the criteria by which an adjuster reviews their claim. The frustration leads to hiring a car accident attorney to prove the value of the claim. It is important to understand what is necessary to prove past medical expenses.

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 Common Types of Auto Insurance Claim Damages in California

California has a compulsory automobile insurance system. This means that all drivers and automobile owners must have liability insurance coverage for their autos at all times when operating on California roadways. The purpose of this compulsory system is to require coverage to ensure the recovery of money damages against negligent drivers who cause accidents. What follows is an outline of the types of damages that a valid California liability policy could pay for in the event of an accident.

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 Benefits of Medical Care on a Lien Basis

Even car accidents that cause only minor damage to vehicles can cause significant bodily harm. When injury does arise from another person's negligent act, it is critical that medical attention and documentation. But who is going to pay for all those doctor bills? More importantly, when are they going to pay? Lawsuits take time to prosecute and can leave doctor bills piling up! Fortunately, many doctors will provide treatment on a lien basis.

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 Understanding California Prop 213 in Car Accident Injury Lawsuits

A unique California law disallows general damages such as pain and suffering to uninsured motorists involved in traffic collisions within the State. It applies strictly to the driver the automobile and not its passengers. It applies whether or not the collision was caused by the uninsured motorist. Some exceptions apply and are explained in this article. If you have been involved in a car, truck, bus or other motor vehicle accident, do not rely on this as legal advice. Consult a lawyer ASAP.

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 Calculating the Value of a California Workers' Compensation Injury Claim

California workers' compensation makes available to the injured worker a bundle of insurance benefits. The purpose of those benefits is to help the hurt employee recover from their injury by providing medical care as well as financial benefits to offset temporary and permanent earning loss that results from a work related accident injury. This article outlines the different benefits that are potentially available to the injured worker under California law.

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 When Work Injuries are Disqualified for California Workers' Compensation

The State of California enacted a workers' compensation system to provide benefits on a no-fault basis for those who sustain injury arising our of and in the course of employment. However, there are circumstances where workers' compensation is not available.

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 Psychiatric Injuries Under California Workers' Compensation Law

The California Legislature enacted specific provisions of the Labor Code to create a higher threshold of compensability for psychiatric injury under workers' compensation law.

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 Setting the Stage: Reporting a California Workers' Compensation Claim

For many employees suffering from a work accident injury or work related health condition, filing a claim is a frightening proposition causing immense anxiety. Many workers feel that by reporting an injury and filing a claim that they will be subjected to discrimination or that claiming benefits is taking advantage of the system or their company. Due to these feelings, some injured workers fail to take immediate action to protect their rights.

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 Common Theories Used for the Denial of California Workers' Compensation Claims

When an employee sustains an injury in California that arises out of employment, whether from a specific accident or from a cumulative trauma (repetitive work activities), that employee is entitled to claim benefits under their employer's workers compensation insurance policy. However, workers' compensation claims are often denied. Below includes the common reasons for the denial of California workers compensation claims.

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 An Overview of the California Workers' Compensation System

California Workers' Compensation law protects employers by prohibiting employees from suing their employers for personal injury in civil court. By barring the right of the employee to sue their employer in civil court, even in situations of gross negligence, employers in California avoid the potential of expensive litigation costs and the possibility of catastrophic awards against them. In exchange, all employers must carry workers' compensation insurance.

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High traffic, lengthy commute, gridlocks, speeding and driving while impaired or distracted are only a couple of why vehicle accidents happen. Distracted driving is among the main reasons for vehicle crashes statewide. We're distinctively outfitted to deal with all kinds of automobile accidents and crash injury cases, including collisions with commercial trucks or 18 wheelers, automotive product defects pedestrian accidents and accidents brought on by poor roadways or maintenance. Rear end collision accidents usually happen on straight highways, stop and go traffic and also at low speeds yet these very accidents result in more serious whiplash injuries than other crash accidents. Many occasions people are affected in severe personal injuries as well as wrongful death accidents because of 18 wheeler accidents as well. We'll use the best investigative experts to recognize the reason for the accident and who, or what, what food was in fault, including driver negligence, defective auto parts and harmful roadway conditions.

The Napolin Law Firm Advocates for Children Infected by Children's Dental Group in Anaheim

The Napolin Law Firm Advocates for Children Infected by Children's Dental Group in Anaheim. The Napolin Law Firm takes on the largest group of personal injury cases in the state. Dental Malpractice and possible fraud on the MediCal system.

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Orange Ca. Accident Lawyer. Have you been injured in an automobile accident in Orange. Get help from the BEST auto accident lawyers in Orange County. The Napolin Law Firm Orange County is available to make sure the insurance company takes care of you. Intelligence is applied to each client's unique circumstances in order to achieve results. - California Injury Lawyer - California Personal Injury

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