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Nass Cancelliere Brenner (formerly Howard, Brenner & Nass, P.C.) is a mesothelioma and personal injury law firm established in 1983 and serving the residents of Philadelphia and surrounding communities. The firm's team strongly believes in the right of every person to enjoy exceptional legal advocacy capable of bringing substantial results. Its attorneys realize the tremendous challenges following a serious injury and they strive to obtain the absolute maximum amount of compensation for every client, while providing outstanding, friendly service from start to finish.

The diverse group of attorneys brings comprehensive and extensive backgrounds together to form an effective and dynamic team, ready to engage any matter related to an injury caused by negligence. Their successful record demonstrates their commitment to providing practical and bold representation that delivers results for clients. The lawyers of the firm are particularly familiar with claims involving mesothelioma and other asbestos-related maladies, and they have successfully secured many settlements and verdicts on behalf of such victims. They have also successfully presented a wide variety of claims regarding premises liability, healthcare malpractice and negligence, dangerous products and more.

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