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Norman Taylor & Associates is a lemon law firm based in Glendale, California providing legal services to clients throughout the nearby areas of California. The firm’s attorneys have over 50 years of combined legal experience, and the firm has quite literally “written the book” on the topic of auto dealer fraud. They have extensive experience and a comprehensive expertise in the area of lemon law policies and are committed to getting their clients the justice they need and deserve.

The Lemon Law, officially known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, is a law designed to protect purchasers of consumer goods (primarily cars) and provide a framework through which consumers can be compensated for defective products and/or products that fail to meet the seller’s promises. Under the lemon law, a seller must replace or repair the defective car and if the car is still defective after multiple repairs, they must provide a full refund.

If you’ve bought a car that hasn’t lived up to what the dealer or manufacturer offered, it’s important to know that you have every legal right to hold them accountable. The law firm of Norman Taylor & Associates can help you get justice, the way they’ve helped over 10,000 other clients. The firm has extensive experience with lemon law cases, and you can rest assured knowing that your cases is going to be handled personally by a dedicated attorney who will spare no effort to resolve their case with the best outcome possible.

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