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Law Firm Overview

Northman Law Firm provides sophisticated and comprehensive advice to companies and individuals in their day-to-day business in Libya, Egypt, South Sudan, Iraq & Jeddah, combining high quality legal services with a direct relationship with the clients.

Our personalized attention, competitive prices, and an effective and creative approach allow the firm to provide added value to clients.

We offer advice to a diverse clientele such as local and foreign individuals, small and medium size companies as well as multinational firms carrying out different activities, including industry, investment funds and investors, business companies, law and accounting firms.

Northman Law Firm is well qualified to establish all forms of business entities and assist clients in obtaining the necessary approvals for their investments, licenses to conduct their business, and work and residence permits. Additionally, the firm is a leader in the field of litigation and has an extensive practice in arbitration and other methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Due to the firm’s broad areas of experience, it can make available its specialized legal knowledge to assist foreign companies seeking to develop their business interests and can provide clients “turnkey solutions” to their business requirements, by introducing them to suitable prospective partners and joint ventures, investment and commercial bankers, accountants, and business consultants. The firm’s clients benefit not only from its vast experience but also from a wide network of local and international contacts. This can prove especially useful for clients where personal contacts and an intimate knowledge of State regulations and procedures often make the difference between success and failure.

Year this Office was Established: 2004

Languages: English, Arabic.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Due Diligence; Corporate Restructuring; Infrastructure Projects (BOT & BOOT); Public and Private Tenders; Free Zone Law; International Litigation.

Areas of Law Description

Northman Law Firm is a full service law firm and provides multinationals, companies, and individuals with legal services related to:

- Corporate Law

Our services comprise companies’ formation, company secretarial duties, disposals, liquidations, corporate governance, recapitalization and reorganizations. We take an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach while dealing with corporate law issues, which spans practices from tax, securities, corporate governance, and labor law to real estate, intellectual property, environmental, antitrust, and other regulatory fields. We help companies anticipate, detect, manage and avoid problems whenever possible and our response to litigation or enforcement activity is swift and effective.

- Projects Finance

Our structured finance lawyers represent both capital providers and capital users in connection with securitizations, financial products, derivatives, and other complex structured finance transactions.

- Oil and Gas

Our Firm's Oil & Gas team provides creative, comprehensive, and effective legal and tax solutions to companies that are investing in the oil & gas sectors throughout West African countries. We advise a wide spectrum of clients - oil & gas producers, pipeline and distribution companies, energy marketers, project developers, lenders, multilateral agencies, and governments and state agencies - on upstream, midstream, and downstream oil & gas, petrochemical, and power projects.

- Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property counseling practice helps our clients leverage their intellectual property, defend against the claims of others, establish a competitive position for the future, and ultimately, provide value to the investor. Our lawyers have specialized backgrounds and particular experience in the areas trademark, patent and copyright. We identify the areas in which intellectual property protection is most critical to achieving the company's business objectives, determine the most effective methods of protection and identify strategies to avoid issues with third-party.

- Distribution, Competition and Antitrust Law

We provide antitrust and competition law services with respect to mergers and acquisitions, criminal and civil investigations by government agencies, antitrust litigation, antitrust/intellectual property issues, and the full range of counseling subjects (including distribution, electronic ventures of various kinds, pricing, trade associations, licensing, and standard-setting).

- Labor Law

We can assist you with all labor law issue such as employment, labor contract, dismissal, expatriates contract, payroll, and employment benefits.

- Telecommunications

Northman Law Firm Telecommunications, Media and Technology practice includes telecommunication licensing matters, access and interconnection, numbering, spectrum, tariffs and unfair competition practices as well as Mergers & Acquisitions.


Mr. Ahmed Swirky
Managing Lawyer
Arbitration, Aviation Law, Banking Law, Business and Industry, Construction Law


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