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Ohio BWC Attorney

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Ohio BWC Attorney is a referral association of independent workers' compensation law firms dedicated to providing efficient, effective and responsive legal representation for injured workers. We seek workers' compensation benefits and money damages from third parties who may be held liable for their injury or wrongful death claim.

The law firms participating in our informal referral network are not bound by any legal entity or formal agreement. We have come together from the four corners of Ohio because we believe we offer the most experience and knowledge in all areas of Ohio workers' compensation and personal injury.

Each of the firms offers more than three decades of experience and includes lawyers with some of the most experienced trial and litigation experience in the state. When you call us, you will automatically be referred to an associated law firm in your geographic region.

The Ohio workers' comp system is complex. You will be facing decisions that your employer isn't likely to explain. For example, did you know there are very specific requirements for prescribed medical treatments that you will have to follow? Were you aware that you may be able to choose a lump sum payment in return for all future benefits? That may sound tempting, but is it really the right thing to do?

Deadlines, notifications and filing requirements can all affect whether your claim is approved by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, or whether your claim will be denied and move to a hearing at the Industrial Commission of Ohio. There are many law firms offering workers' compensation services across the State of Ohio. The firms in our group have come together because, quite simply, we believe that we offer the highest levels of dedication, experience and responsive representation you can find.

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