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Articles Published by Ongur Ergan Law & Consulting Office

 The New [2012] Arbitration Rules of International Chamber of Commerce [“ICC”]

Main purpose of this article is to explain the principle characteristics of the new ICC Arbitration Rules that will come into force on 1st of January 2012 and to analyze how they differ from the prior version. The author focuses to substantial amendments, major procedural innovations, new introduced mechanisms and de-regulated rules of existing ICC principles.

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 Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Turkey

Legality and application of foreign judgments in Turkey depends on completion of several procedures which are called enforcement and recognition in Turkish Law. The provisions about recognition and enforcement take place in Law numbered 5718 dated 22.11.2007. Recognition is regulated under Art. 58 of Law numbered 5718.

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 Privatizations in Turkey

The fundamental transformation in Turkish economy has been observed during the massive privatization process since 1994. The investment opportunities in Turkey are particularly attractive in the framework of country’s ongoing attractive privatization agenda. The involvement and participation of international investors is highly encouraged by the law in course of current privatization program.

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 New Turkish Commercial Code

It is a fact that, the Turkish Commercial Code (hereinafter referred to as TCC) numbered 6267 and dated 1957, has been implemented and in force more than 50 years. While most of the European Countries have made amendments to their commercial regulations in accordance with the recent developments, no major amendments were made to the TCC. On this ground, it became insufficient in terms of new market requirements and need of global market economies developments.

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 A General Overview on Natural Gas Market Law in Turkey

Recently, many local and international investors request to obtain more information as regards Turkish Natural Gas Market Law. The main aim of this article is to ensure a brief overview on Natural Gas Market Law in Turkey and accordingly to inform the readers concerning essentials of the legal structures such as the sources of natural gas market law, the type of natural gas market licenses, administrative procedures, administrative fines and sanctions and competition.

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 Business Establishment Models and Procedure for Foreign Investors in Turkey

The main aim of this article is to introduce business establishment models and procedure in Turkey to foreign direct investors who has intention of doing business in Turkey.

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 Oil Market Law in Turkey

“A general overview on Oil Market Law in Turkey” by Att. Arzu Ongur Ergan

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 Energy Disputes and International Arbitration - Turkey

The main purpose of this article is to inform readers about settlement of energy disputes that arise in Turkey by international arbitration method and in particular ICSID arbitration process.

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 Top 10 Legal Questions about Foreign Direct Investments in Turkey

The legal framework of the Foreign Direct Investments are regulated by the Law numbered 4875 and dated 17.06.2003. This law is structured as a legal guideline for investors, which consists of 7 Articles and regulates general rules and principles about FDI.

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