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Law Firm Overview

Ozkan Law Office is a general practice law firm based in İstanbul, Turkey focusing on all aspects of business law matters. We offer a broad range of services to both local and international clients and have experience in various sectors such as agriculture, automotive, commodity, e-commerce, shipping, telecommunications and tourism.

Our team consists of practitioners having multi-disciplinary backgrounds, which we believe is crucial for bringing added value to our clients and enabling us to serve their particular needs and commercial objectives better. In addition, we regularly work with of counsels specialized in various fields.

We are dedicated to provide legal services to our clients at global standards of service quality in all aspects, while strictly adhering to professional rules of conduct and highest ethical standards.

Languages: French, Turkish, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Turkish Law; Hotel Management Law; Government Regulations; Mining Law; Maritime and Transport Law.

Areas of Law Description

Ozkan Law Office offers legal services in the following practice areas:

- Agricultural Law

We are one of the few law firms in Turkey providing legal services on agricultural law, which is becoming an increasingly important area of law for Turkey. We advice clients on a broad range of issues such as water and natural resources law, land use, government regulations, environmental law issues, trade, finance and credit issues, seed and plant issues, organic agricultural law, breeders’ rights and other areas of related intellectual property law issues and general commercial transactions.

- Competition and Antitrust Law

Our firm offer legal services on various aspects of competition and antitrust law issues including advising on regulatory and compliance matters, securing clearance of both local and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, structuring and operation of distribution systems and intellectual property licensing arrangements as well as providing defense services.

- Contracts Law

We have extensive experience in both negotiating and drafting of all types of commercial agreements for clients from all sectors. Types of commercial agreements we regularly deal with include partnership and joint venture agreements, share and asset purchase agreements, distribution, dealership and agency agreements, franchise agreements, licensing agreements, management, consultancy and technical assistance agreements, financial leasing agreements.

- Corporate Law

We offer services on all aspects of corporate law including incorporating companies with foreign capital, advising on formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances, conducting share transfers, advising on all legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions including conducting legal due diligence reviews of companies, and providing legal assistance on corporate management and general corporate affairs of companies.

- Debt Collection

We provide legal assistance to both local and foreign companies in debt collection matters in most of the parts of Turkey. Our services in this field include securing conservatory measures such as obtaining search orders and freezing injunctions on assets, arresting ships, bunkers, cargo, freight, attachment of assets, forced sales, liquidation, personal action against directors, bankruptcy proceedings and enforcement of foreign and local arbitral awards and judgments.

- Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers practicing in specialist areas are also litigators. In the event of a dispute, we believe the client is better served by specialists in their area who are litigators rather than being handed over to a separate general litigation department. Our services in this field include litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. We offer services in all areas of commercial litigation. We are also involved in domestic and international arbitration and have experience of arbitration under a wide range of institutional rules and ad hoc arbitration. We have extensive experience on enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and judgments in Turkey.

- Employment Law

Our firm provides services on major issues of employment law such as executive termination agreements, employee benefits plans, early retirement programs, restrictive covenants, employment contracts, regulatory issues and compliance. Our lawyers work in association with leading specialists in this area and provide solutions to complex corporate restructuring plans.

- Energy and Natural Resources

We offer legal advice on both the regulatory and commercial aspects of energy law and natural resources law including those related to environmental law issues. We have particular experience in mining law and provide services such as legal due diligence on mining sites and licenses, obtaining, transfer or acquisition of mining licenses and rights, negotiating and drafting mining agreements.

- Environmental Law

Our office is one of the few law offices in Turkey having expertise in issues of environmental law. We have taken active part in the preparatory work in relation to the draft amendments to the existing Turkish Environmental Law. We provide advice on regulatory and compliance matters, environmental impact assessment reports, environmental due diligence projects, and pollution cases.

- Information Technology and Telecommunications Law

We offer a wide array of legal services relating to e-commerce, information technology licensing and telecommunications. We offer assistance to clients with issues relating to electronic transactions, cross-border data transfers, security (including digital signatures issues), electronic regulatory compliance issues, domain name issues, copyright, patent, and intellectual property issues, information technology issues, online advertising, Internet-in-the-workplace issues, and E-commerce issues. We have experience in advising domestic and multi-national companies with technology issues concerning licensing, distribution, reseller, and other major transactional matters. In the field of telecommunications law we offer services to new entrants, equipment suppliers, service providers and users on a wide range of legal, regulatory and competition law related issues.

- Intellectual Property Law

Our firm provides a full range of services in this field such as registration and prosecution of patents, trademarks, industrial designs worldwide, copyrights, drafting of IP transactions, consulting, general advising, enforcement of IP rights, and general IP litigation. We assist the clients to identify, manage and protect their IP assets or acquire those that provide a greater return through our services.

- International Trade Law

Our firm has extensive experience in international trade law. We offer services to clients in international trade and commodity markets including those acting in physical commodities, futures markets, in trade finance or in transport of commodities. Our experience includes drafting and advising on contracts and joint venture agreements, as well as on the documentary aspects of trade finance and of letters of credit, including e-commerce, anti-dumping issues, customs law issues.

- Labour Law

We provide services with respect to all aspects of labour law issues, such as drafting employment agreements and restrictive covenants, handling termination of employment agreements, advising on regulatory and compliance issues. We also represent the clients in labour law disputes.

- Maritime and Transport Law

Our office has extensive expertise in maritime and transport law. Our lawyers practicing in this field have specialization in both legal and technical aspects of shipping which enables us to provide substantial added value to clients operating in this sector. Our major practice areas in this field includes, admiralty, cargo, charter parties, maritime and transport insurance, pollution, sale and purchase, ship building, ship finance, multi-modal transportation, logistics agreements. We offer services to ship-owners and charterers, P&I and other insurers, ship-builders and repairers, salvors, hull and cargo interests.

- M&A

Ozkan Law Office has extensive experience in structuring mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures as well as drafting the transaction documents and filings with the relevant authorities. We provide services on all aspects of M&A transaction including conducting due diligence, preparing transaction documents, representing the clients in negotiations and handling regulatory filings.

- Real Estate Law

Our office is aware of the significant increase in cross-border real estate investments and provides a broad range of services in this field covering all aspects of law relating to ownership and use of land and buildings and the environment. Our services in this field include advising and drafting property-related security documents including mortgages, charges, and rental assignments, advising on all aspects of landlord and tenant law, designing and undertaking required due diligence investigations in relation to the land registry status of real estates to identify and quantify commercial and administrative risks associated with real estate transactions, dealing with local government and quasi-government bodies.

- Sports Law

Our office is one of the few law offices in Turkey which can offer services in sports law. We are involved in various areas sports law including contract negotiation, sponsorship agreements, sports clubs matters, dispute resolution, arbitration, advising on competition and associated federation rules and regulations. In addition, we also provide a full range of tax planning services in association with tax specialists in this field.

- Tourism and Hotel Management Law

We offer legal services to hotel owners, tourism operators, developers, investors and companies in all aspects of hotel and tourism projects such as hotels and resort developments, management agreements, lease arrangements, and operating agreements, tourism and investment license applications, liquor licensing issues and associated corporate and real estate matters.


Ms. Zeynep Ozkan
Managing Partner
Commercial Law, Corporate Law

Ms. Ayse Ozkan
Commercial Law, Corporate Law


Ms. B. Muge Buyuktalas
Admiralty and Maritime, Business Law, Litigation

Miss Ipek Gungorer
Business and Industry, Criminal Law, Employment, Litigation, Real Estate

Of Counsel

Mr. Cosgun Özaydin
Of Counsel
Commercial Law, Corporate Law

Dr. Ihsan Tarakçioglu
Of Counsel
Commercial Law, Corporate Law


Mr. Cüneyt Yatkin
Commercial Law, Corporate Law



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 Turkish Mining Law

Turkey has recently amended its mining regulations in order to attract more domestic and foreign private investors in the industry. The amendments made are criticized particularly by the environmental groups for removing the environmental controls drastically and by domestic mining investors for being radically open to foreign investors. This Newsletter deals with some of the important aspects of the recently enacted pieces of legislation.

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 Turkish Renewable Energy Legislation

As a country with a rapidly growing economy, Turkey has an increasing energy need. At the moment, the energy need is mostly met by fossil fuels and a large portion of it is imported. Turkey, on the other hand, has a large potential for renewable resources.

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 Memorandum on the Provision of Ship-Generated Waste Collection Services in Turkey

Turkey has ratified International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, as modified by the Protocol 1978 relating thereto (MARPOL 73/78), which regulates what wastes can be discharged from ships into marine environment and requires State Parties to ensure the provision of adequate reception facilities in the ports. The regulations implementing MARPOL 73/78 in Turkey, however, have not been enacted until recently.

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 New European Union Regulatory Framework

Dramatic changes took place in the communication laws and regulations of the main liberalised electronic communications markets in the recent years in response to rapid technological advancements and marketplace changes in the communications sector. The general trend in the aforesaid regulatory changes is a movement away from sector specific regulation towards relying on competition law in order to facilitate a more innovation and economic-driven communication market.

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 Memorandum on Shareholders' Rights in a Joint Stock Company

This memorandum provides an overview on the basic rights of a shareholder in a joint stock company incorporated under the laws of Turkey. The memorandum does not cover public companies.

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