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Law Firm Overview

Pamir Law Group serves the international business community with the trusted legal advice and representation of one of China's top firms, one whose reputation in China and around the world has brought it the recommendation and thanks of clients from every corner of the globe.
The firm prides itself on providing the international networks necessary for business success and the personal attention and care that can only come from a boutique practice, a combination that has ably and honorably served multinational corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs worldwide in their beginnings and further endeavors within Taiwan and mainland China.

Lawyers at Pamir Law Group are committed to the idea that clients are served best with both a high level of expertise in international business and a close personal knowledge of the local laws, jurisdictions, and customs of the area served, a combination that has successfully managed deals in a wide variety of industries throughout the country for many years. The firm's 30 years of experience and its able handling of business transactions worth a combined several billion dollars have quickly earned it a name among corporations around the world, each of whom has praised Pamir Law for both its professional acumen and the care with which it guides clients through the potential pitfalls and dangers of starting business in Taiwan and China. The firm's office in Taipei offers services in several languages, each geared towards particular investors and areas of investment, and which have enabled accurate and successful communication between varied business communities around the world, a practice that has brought Pamir Law the thanks and gratitude of clients within China and across the globe.

Investing in Taiwan and the People's Republic of China bears untold rewards for those willing to proceed with the right advocates. Pamir Law Group has served clients around the world with the local knowledge and international business expertise necessary for success in foreign investment, a practice that has brought it both an honored reputation among business communities and the lengthy success of a firm whose mastery of law is matched by its genuine care for clients.

Year this Office was Established: 2004

Languages: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Spanish.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Cross Border Investment; IP/Anti Counterfeiting; Anti-Monopoly; Aircraft Financing and Leasing; Anti-Corruption & FCPA; Commercial Contracts; Family Wealth Management; Climate Change; Government Relations; Supply Chain; Bona Fides - Background and Credit Checks; Event Management; Fourth Link.

Areas of Law Description

Pamir Law Group provides strategic insights and implement practical legal and business solutions in Greater China with an international standard of work and the benefits of local business experience and presence.

We support multinational companies, international private equity and venture capital funds as well as privately-held conglomerates and high net worth family groups with their strategic and market entry/expansion planning and execution activities.


Nicholas Chen Mr. Nicholas V. Chen
Managing Lawyer
Business and Industry, Business Formation, Business Law, Commercial Law, Contracts



  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • American Society of International Law
  • National Asian Pacific American Bar Association
  • China International Economic Trade Arbitration Commission

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Articles Published by Pamir Law Group

 Managing China Risk in a Changed Business Ecosystem

Cartoonist David Horsey earlier this year created an image of an anxious Uncle Sam asking a fortune teller, "Can you tell me about my future?" She responds: "Hmm ... I would, but I can't read Chinese."

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 PRC Data Privacy Laws in a Nutshell

Notwithstanding the reasoning, companies in China have yet another amorphous compliance bugbear to obey. Given the inconsistent state of existing data privacy rules and recent dicta that position personal data at the epicenter of the data protection maelstrom, one might think it counter-intuitive, if not disingenuous, that there is no legally authoritative definition of “personal data” under Chinese law.

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 Dispute Resolution Forum Selection Uncertain with Arbitration Commission Secession - China

The Shanghai branch of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) recently split from CIETAC after the launch of its 2012 arbitration rules. The Shanghai branch (Shanghai CIETAC) declared itself an independent adjudication body with its own arbitration rules and its own panel of arbitrators. However, CIETAC denies the validity of the secession.

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 Foreign Investments Entry Vehicles to China

Unlike in some western societies where one form of company can be used for a broad unlimited business scope, in China different corporate structures are used for different purposes. It is important to understand the structural options to avoid trying to cram a round peg through a square hole.

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 Purchase Contracts: Best Practices for Buyers and Sellers in China and Taiwan

Every company is at some time both a buyer and seller of goods and services. Negotiating and signing clear and balanced purchase contracts is the most effective way to protect your company’s reputation, revenues, markets and customer relationships. The market is the most effective teacher of “best practices”, and if you learn from the mistakes of others, you will be wiser and wealthier.

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 Domain Name Dispute Resolution in China and Taiwan

This article discusses how companies can take legal action against "cyber-squatters" in Taiwan and China.

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 Taiwan Estate Planning FAQ

This article answers frequently asked questions about estate planning in Taiwan and the US.

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 Hiring in Taiwan FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to hiring local and foreign employees in Taiwan

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 Taiwan Arbitration Law FAQ

The following are frequently asked questions on the arbitration process in Taiwan. Generally, parties must contractually agree to use arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism, so arbitration procedures will be set out in the agreement at issue. If the agreement provides that arbitration is to take place in Taiwan, but does not specify a certain matter, then the Rules of the Arbitration of the Republic of China (the “Arbitration Law”) will apply.

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 Pre-Merger Notifications for M&A in Taiwan FAQ

This article discusses the mandatory merger notification regime in Taiwan and covers threshold tests, filing procedures and answers to other frequently asked questions.

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Videos Provided by Pamir Law Group

Foreign Investment Entry Vehicles for China

Nicholas V. Chen explains that depending on one's business goals, one will necessarily select a China legal structure specifically tailored to conduct such a business. Unlike in some western societies where one form of company can be used for a broad unlimited business scope, in China different corporate structures are used for different purposes. It is important to understand the structural options to avoid trying to cram a round peg through a square hole. Alternative Foreign Investment Entry Vehicles to China outlines the most common business needs and the business structures that most closely match them in China. The document is a concise distillation of years of experience helping foreign firms setup in China, without wasting valuable time and money on red tape.

Doing Due Diligence in China - Paper Vs Reality

Michael discusses best practices to conduct due diligence in Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transactions in Greater China.

Approval Procedure for Joint Ventures in China

Referenced file can be downloaded at

Nick Chen has advised multinational companies in all aspects of establishing joint ventures in Greater China, from partner selection to termination. Drawing from over 30 years of experience in the region, Nick provides a detailed description of the process necessary to establish a joint venture, as well as the different taks your organization, your PRC partner and your legal/business consultant should perform during each stage of the process.

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