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Law Firm Overview

Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law, located in Freeport, Bahamas, is a full-service law firm with over 40 years of experience in commercial transactions and litigation. We’ve designed our practice to accommodate both non-Bahamas businesses that need sharp local expertise, and local/regional businesses that want a trusted hand and 24/7 attention.

Our firm's array of services is broad. As real estate, banking and litigation experts, we've built legal specialties around our strengths and your needs. We often price our services based on your value, not maximizing our fees.

Doing business in the Bahamas isn't as easy as you might think. It’s governed by arcane laws, complex systems and local politics that can prove baffling—and unproductive—to outsiders. That’s why so many global and regional businesses look to Parris Whittaker for their legal needs.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Conveyances & Mortgages; Commercial Property Transactions; GBPA License Applications; Incorporation & Restructuring; E-Business.

Areas of Law Description

Parris Whittaker provides legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

- Conveyances & Mortgages

Our experience and precision allows you to run your Bahamas-based transaction without a hitch. We provide all essential conveyance and mortgage services, offering the benefit of wisdom gained through hundreds of successful conveyances.

- Corporate Services, Incorporation & Restructuring

Whether you’re forming or acquiring a company, reissuing shares, resolving a shareholder dispute, or simply ensuring in compliance with local laws, we have decades of experience with corporate law in the Bahamas and are active members of the Bahamas business community.

- Real Estate & Commercial Property Transactions

Whether your project involves a shopping center, condo complex, mixed-use development or subdivision, ParrisWhittaker will perform your due diligence. We will shepherd your transaction attentively, so that you get the full benefit of your investment.

- Litigation (Civil, Commercial & Trust)

We have experience with virtually all the rules of law, and excel in research, oral argument and thinking on our feet. We’re so experienced that we can frequently offer beneficial billing arrangements driven by an informed estimate of the time and resources required to prevail.

- E-Business & E-Commerce

With our strategic help, you’ll find the Bahamas to be an excellent solution for ebusiness and ecommerce companies. ParrisWhittaker is on the cutting edge of ebusiness and ecommerce law in the Bahamas and will leverage this knowledge on your behalf.

- Employment & Immigration

If your company is shackled by a labor-union dispute or needs to bring an employee from overseas, or if you find yourself on either side of a wrongful dismissal claim, ParrisWhittaker gives you the best possible representation across employment and immigration law categories.

- Estates, Probates, Wills & Trusts

Without an attorney experienced in estates, probates, wills and trusts, you may lose control of your hard-earned money, or be deprived of the inheritance that’s coming to you. ParrisWhittaker can protect you and your beneficiaries—or help you obtain your due.

- Family & Matrimonial Law

We offer an efficient solution, with reasonable rates, superior representation, and a sense of humor to boot. Our experience in the courtroom defuses frayed nerves, and our humanistic approach provides perspective during a time of great stress.

- Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) License Applications

This is one of the primary reasons to do business in Freeport. Whether local or international, your company can profit greatly from having a Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) license. At ParrisWhittaker, we know all the ins and outs of GBPA licensing.

- Intellectual Property, Trademarks & Trade Names

ParrisWhittaker registers your trademark, patent or copyright efficiently and cost-effectively. Or, if you incorporate a company in the Bahamas, ParrisWhittaker will guide you through the essential process of applying for a trade name.

- Professional Negligence & Medical Malpractice

We believe it’s only right to hold professionals to the highest legal standards. At ParrisWhittaker we will vigorously pursue your claim against negligent professionals of all kinds.

- Maritime & Shipping Law

At ParrisWhittaker, we move with lightning speed to arrest vessels or resolve vessel arrests. We leverage our deep relationships with the local port authorities on your behalf. ParrisWhittaker offers a comprehensive array of maritime law services.


Arthur Parris Mr. Arthur K. Parris
Advertising, Aerospace Law, Agency and Distributorship, Asset Protection, Aviation Accidents

Kenra Parris-Whittaker Ms. Kenra Parris-Whittaker
Accident, Administrative Law, Admiralty and Maritime, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Animal Bites

Jacy Whittaker Mr. Jacy A. Whittaker
Accident, Admiralty and Maritime, Adoption, Advertising, Agency and Distributorship


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Real Estate & Commercial Property Transactions
Litigation (Civil, Commercial & Trust)
E-Business & E-Commerce
Conveyances & Mortgages
Intellectual Property, Trademarks & Trade Names
Family & Matrimonial Law
Corporate Services, Incorporation & Restructuring
Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law News and Publications

Articles Published by Parris Whittaker, Attorney at Law

 Commercial Disputes: When Discussions before Arbitration are Required

A salutary lesson has emerged from the English Commercial Court - that contractual parties involved in a dispute must discuss the issues before arbitration.

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 Implied Contract Terms: Leases and Rent Refunds

Parties to commercial leases should appreciated and understand the extent of their rights and responsibilities to commercial landlords, to minimize the risk of disputes.

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 Maritime and Shipping Disputes: Claiming Losses

If you are involved in the maritime and shipping industry, you will be only too aware of how swiftly you can sail into legal hot water.

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 When is a Company Director Not a Director? The Risks of Acting as a Director

Companies must take great care that senior company personnel avoid undertaking acts that mean they could be treated as directors for the purposes of the law. This may result in adverse implications for both the company and the individual concerned. The expert company lawyers at Bahamas firm ParrisWhittaker are highly experienced in providing full service legal advice to companies including in relation to directors and their duties and liabilities.

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 Shipping and Insurance: Honesty in Claims

Is it ever acceptable to be dishonest in the course of a shipping insurance claim?

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 Subject to Contract? Emailed Negotiations

Businesses should be aware of the risks of informal communications such as emails and conversations whilst negotiating commercial agreements.

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 The Cargo Transport Units Code of Practice – What Does it Mean for You?

A new Code of Practice aims to increase safety and security in the working environment in dock and on board ship – and helps shipping, cargo and haulage companies understand their liabilities and responsibilities when it comes to packing and transporting cargo.

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 Shipping and Maritime: Costs Following Hijacking of Vessels

A vessel was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden by Somali pirates. Unfortunately for cargo owners and insurers, the High Court in the UK has ruled that additional classes of expense - including wages paid to crew, and bunkers consumed during the period of the hijack - could be recovered by ship owners from cargo interests.

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 Commercial Disputes: Challenging Expert Reports

In what circumstances can a party to a commercial contract challenge an expert’s report? The UK’s Court of Appeal has handed down an important ruling in a case in which it examined the relevant principles that apply when a party challenges an expert’s report(1).

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 Commercial Disputes: Specific Performance

If a party to a commercial contract is in breach of its obligations, the court may order specific performance – but not necessarily. In a recent case(1), the UK’s Technology and Construction Court (TCC) considered the circumstances in which the court will order specific performance of a contractual obligation.

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 Shipping Insurance and Reinsurance Clauses

How will the courts interpret shipping insurance clauses, particularly typhoon and storm warranties?

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 Passing Off: What’s in a Name?

Commercial disputes increasingly involve copyright and patent issues, reflecting the high value attached to the intellectual property of a business.

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 Varying Contract Terms: Liquidated Damages and Unenforceable Penalties

It’s common for parties to commercial contracts to seek to vary the contract terms. However, the application of liquidated damages clauses can pose a problem in the event of future disputes. The commercial litigation lawyers at Bahamas firm ParrisWhittaker are experienced in advising clients on their contractual terms and responsibilities, and the implications of potential disputes.

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 Commercial Disputes and Mediation in the Bahamas

Mediation can often be the best avenue through which to resolve commercial disputes.

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 Commercial Indemnity Provisions: The Devil’s in the Detail

The practical effect of indemnity provisions in commercial contracts is dependent upon the detail in their drafting, an important ruling has confirmed.

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 Joint Ventures – Protecting with Contract Terms

Joint ventures take many different forms but few have such an unusual background as a recent dispute involving what started as a simple agreement.

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 Construction Contracts – Don’t Let Work Get Ahead

Construction cases often result in particularly valuable lessons for lawyers and commercial organisations alike who are involved in construction and property – particularly where work commences before the contract is finalised.

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 When Limitation Periods for Loss Claims Start

When does a limitation begin to run? Limitation periods (also known as ‘prescriptive’ periods) are an important element in litigation. A claim will be out of time if it is not made within the limitation period and the claimant will not be able to take legal action (subject to strict exceptions).

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 In need of urgent legal advice on vessel arrests from experts in Bahamas maritime law?

The world of the maritime and shipping industry is fast-paced and exciting. The Bahamas is a world leader, boasting one of the world’s largest container ports and with a growing number of high-value vessels from jurisdictions all over the world sailing under the Bahamas flag.

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 Need an Enduring Power of Attorney?

Are you becoming elderly or suffering a serious illness; or are your mental faculties failing? Do you need to appoint someone to deal with your affairs on your behalf?

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 Shipping Crew: Contact the Bahamas Maritime Lawyers at Parris Whittaker For Expert Advice

A ship’s officers and crew are critical to the safe and smooth running of maritime vessels – whether they are used for business or pleasure. However, when things go wrong on a vessel the consequences are potentially disastrous.

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 Website Content Theft and Copyright: Is Your Work under Threat?

Steady advances in information technology raise myriad legal issues, some of which have yet to be tested in the courts. Such is the pace of technological innovation. And the vast majority of businesses (and many individuals) have their own web presence - a common feature of which is written content, used to reach out to both existing and potential clients and other interested parties.

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 Admiralty Law in the Bahamas

It’s only around 30 years since the first ship was registered in The Bahamas. But today, the Register of the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is one of the world's largest with more than 1500 vessels registered here since the Merchant Shipping Act was passed in 1976.

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 Anton Piller Injunctions Can Protect Evidence

Do you suspect a defendant or potential defendant in your legal claim is hiding critical information that could be valuable evidence in support of your claim? The experienced commercial litigation lawyers at Parris Whittaker are experienced in successfully applying for court orders such as Anton Piller orders on behalf of its clients to ensure such evidence is identified and obtained.

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 Do You Have a Consumer Protection Problem?

The courts and legislative bodies are increasingly erring on the side of the consumer on issues relating to consumer protection. The message is that misleading or unscrupulous practices by businesses that take advantage of consumers will not be tolerated.

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 Trading in the Bahamas? The Advantages Of Trading Through an Offshore Company

Offshore companies enjoy many benefits, in particular exemption from tax, anonymity and a high level of privacy. And yet they are able to operate on a global scale and trade internationally. It’s not surprising, then, that many organizations are choosing to incorporate their companies offshore.

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 UK’s Financial Services Authority Issues Ban and Heavy Fine against Former Bank Executive

Company directors enjoy protection from personal liability in relation to the company’s debts. However, they are required to perform their duties as directors according to the law and relevant regulations, and failure to comply can result in serious consequences.

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 Facing a Shipping Mortgage Dispute in the Bahamas?

Ship registration is relatively new business here in The Bahamas and since the 1976 Merchant Shipping Act was passed, more than 1500 vessels have been registered here including Maersk Line, Exxon International Holland-America Cruises.

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 The Advantages of Trading Through a Limited Company in the Bahamas

Is your business trading in the most cost effective way and is your legal status adequately protected? Choosing the best legal ‘vehicle’ through which to operate your business is perhaps the most important decision you can make as a business owner – particularly with the advice of an expert companies lawyer.

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 Have You Lost a Loved One After a Fatal Accident in an Industrial Accident or Traffic Collision - Bahamas

The media often covers the tragic death of someone at an industrial workplace, in a traffic collision or at sea. In June this year, a US cruise passenger drowned in the Bahamas during a cruise visit whilst snorkeling; and a Carnival passenger was killed last year on a jet ski rented in Nassau.

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 Age-Related Issues in Employment Situations in the Bahamas

Discrimination in the work place is often a high profile and issue, whether relating to sex, race, religion, disability or age. And it’s the issue of age and the potential for discrimination and unfairness in relation to redundancy and retirement that has recently attracted judicial attention. Whether you are an employee or an employer - if you have concerns relating to age discrimination in the workplace, contact our experience employment lawyers at Parris Whittaker for prompt advice.

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 Applying for a Mareva Injunction to Freeze your Debtor’s Assets in the Bahamas

Do you suspect there a risk your debtor will disperse his assets to frustrate a future judgment in your favour and prevent settling his debt? If the answer is ‘Yes’, you need urgent legal advice so that an application for a temporary injunction freezing those assets (a Mareva injunction) can be made to the court. The experienced commercial litigation lawyers at Parris Whittaker are experienced in successfully applying for Mareva Injunctions on behalf of our clients.

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 Maritime Liens and Ship Arrest by Crewmembers in the Bahamas

Shipping claims frequently require immediate, aggressive action. If you need urgent legal advice in relation to arrest of a vessel or exercising a maritime lien, our experienced maritime lawyers will take prompt action against the opposing party on your behalf. We have a wealth of expertise gained from years of experience acting for clients in The Bahamas - a major international transshipment center.

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 Defamation and the Internet in the Bahamas

A defamatory comment can destroy both a person’s character and professional reputation. But a ruined reputation can be salvaged with expert legal advice. Online defamation is a clearly damaging and untrue statement that is published online. The twenty first century internet has vastly multiplied the avenues through which comments are published and spread.

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 Security for Costs in Litigation - Bahamas

Are you defending a legal action, or do you anticipate court proceedings may be commenced against you in the near future? If so, you may be justifiably concerned that should you succeed in defending the claim you won’t get your costs back from the other party. The expert dispute resolution lawyers at Parris Whittaker can take prompt action on your behalf to protect your financial interests by obtaining an order for security for costs.

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 E-Business and E-Commerce in the Bahamas

The law has had to adapt and change to meet the needs and demands of businesses and consumers as modern technology has advance. And it will keep on changing as technology continues to develop. If you are considering setting up in business with a measure of reliance on the internet and associated technologies, you will need expert advice from lawyers experienced in e-business law.

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 Wills: Avoiding DIY Wills - Bahamas Probate Issues

None of us can avoid life’s eventual certainty of death, but you can avoid substantial problems arising on death by making a Will. One of the most important things you can do for your loved ones in relation to your assets is to make a Will - and to ensure your Will is properly drawn up. You will, of course, want to ensure your money and assets pass to your chosen beneficiaries; and you will need to adequately provide for your loved ones such as your spouse and children on your death.

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 Cruise Ship and Personal Injury Claims - Bahamas

Cruise accidents have hit the headlines a number of times in recent months. When the Costa Concordia ran aground near a Tuscan island in January, 32 people died, some were injured and two are still missing. In the same month, the MSC Poesia ran aground in shallow waters two miles off Grand Bahama. No one was reportedly injured but some suffered shock from the crash

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