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Patrick Artur & Associates is based in Pennsylvania. The founder of the firm is Mr Patrick Artur. He has been representing clients for thirty five years and has a track record of winning most cases. He personally handles every jury trial that the firm represents.

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Articles Published by Patrick Artur & Associates

 Sex Offenses Abroad Can Be Penalized in The United States

In many cases, a country's ability to prosecute crimes is restricted by the principal of sovereignty. The United States has the right to prosecute alleged crimes within its borders, and other countries have the same rights. However, as one man recently learned, this is not always the case.

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 Penalties for Sex Offenses in Pennsylvania Continue to Escalate

In October, Gov. Ed Rendell signed into law a bill that enforces tougher penalties for so-called "grooming offenses" - i.e. when a person in a position of authority commits a sex offense against a person in their trust. The law targets those who have mentoring relationships with minors, like teachers, clergy members and police officers, for example.

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 America, Land of the Prosecuted?

As crime rates continue to serve as a hot-button political issue, campaigners have increasingly held a “get tough on crime” stand. While attempting to take a bite out of crime has become a bipartisan pastime, America’s prisons have filled with more than murderers, rapists and violent gang members. According to The Economist, there are currently approximately 200,000 inmates over the age of 50; this is roughly the total number of prisoners of all ages in 1970.

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 Software Helps Law Enforcement Officers Track Child Pornography

Local law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania and around the country continue to aggressively pursue those in possession of child pornography. Just as technology has made it easier for people to access the illegal content, it also has made it easier for investigators to track those who view, download and share child pornography files.

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 Pennsylvania Expands Child Pornography Laws

As technologies develop, the law often struggles to keep pace. This is particularly true in the area of laws governing child pornography. Recently, the Pennsylvania laws regarding child pornography have undergone critical changes, in an attempt to respond to changes in technology.

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 Pennsylvania Cops Go Undercover to Catch Sexual Predators of Children

Across Pennsylvania, there has been a statewide effort to investigate and prosecute Internet sex crimes involving "children." Many medium to large size counties in Pennsylvania have their own task force or unit setting up police officers as decoys.

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 High Court Considers Federal Authority to Civilly Commit Sex Offenders

Generally, once a person has served their time for committing a crime, they are free to move forward with their lives. Not so for sex offenders.

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