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Law Firm Overview

The Patriot Law Group has the experience to handle complex and sensitive personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and bankruptcy cases. With thousands of former clients under our belt, it is a rare day when we encounter conditions we haven’t seen before.

Our Senior Attorneys are some of the most seasoned professionals in the country, and they take tremendous pride in recruiting the top attorneys as they build their teams. We get the job done — both inside and out of the courtroom — and when we're before a judge, we command attention and make a lasting impression. Oftentimes, self-represented litigants or those with other attorneys come up and ask us for our business cards.

The Patriot Law Group is organized as a legal brain trust. Since no one attorney can possibly offer true expertise in handling every kind of legal matter, we assign an entire team of carefully recruited lawyers to every case. Clients are given 24/7 case management tools, a network of support staff and an endless array of legal tools to tap into for assistance at a moment's notice.

Our local structure sets us apart from other law firms and frequently helps us "out-lawyer" the competition. Since our attorneys are assigned to specific regions and courthouses, when we walk into a Connecticut courtroom, we can usually anticipate what to expect based on our in-depth knowledge and familiarity with each of the judges and their staff. We present oral arguments and motions that are on point and likely to get the judge to see things our way.

We have offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island to meet with you and discuss your case. We are one of the few Connecticut law firms that have such geographic diversity.

Languages: English, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Parental Relocation; Parental Misconduct; Parental Alienation; Unemployed and Underemployed Spouses; Equitable Distribution of Property; Dividing Property & Debt; Violent Crimes; High School and College Offenses; Health Care Fraud; Mortgage Fraud; Public Corruption; Tax Evasion; Counterfeiting; Disorderly Conduct; Resisting Arrest; Gambling Crimes; Failure to Appear; Criminal Mischief; Witness Intimidation; Threatening; Balcony or Deck Defects; Fire and smoke Injuries; Social Host Liability; Child Injury; School and Playground Accident; Negligent Security; Breathalyzer Refusal; Reckless Driving; Motor Vehicle Homicide; Drug Possession; Distribution and Trafficking; Larceny; Restraining Order Violations; Kidnapping and Custodial Interference; Risk of Injury to a Minor; Strangulation; Harassment and Stalking; Home Invasion; Possession of Alcohol by a Minor; Fake ID and Forgery; Hazing; Sexual Assault.

Areas of Law Description

Patriot Law Group helps clients in the following practice areas:

- Family Law

If you are facing a family law problem, put your case in trust lawyer. Our law firm handles a wide variety of divorce and family law related issues.

- Criminal Law

If you or a loved one has been arrested and face criminal charges, our criminal defense attorneys are here to fight for your rights. Our law firm handles a broad range of criminal defense matters for clients all over Connecticut.

- Personal Injury

If you or someone you love sustains a personal injury, we can help. Our lawyers are committed to seeking compensation for people who have been injured through someone else's negligence.

- Bankruptcy

If you can't pay your bills, let our bankruptcy attorneys help you. Our law office provides exceptional bankruptcy representation to clients all around Connecticut.

- Real Estate

If you need a real estate attorney, you can rely on us. Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers have helped numerous clients resolve their real estate problems.


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Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Family Law, Personal Injury


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