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Law Firm Overview

Powers McCartan, PLLC provides experienced, resourceful, professional legal services to people charged with DWI, DUI, Impaired Driving, Traffic Tickets Citations, and other criminal charges throughout North Carolina. The firm regularly represents people in Charlotte, Gastonia, Monroe, Concord, Statesville, Mecklenburg, Gaston, Union, Cabarrus, NC.

The criminal defense lawyers attorneys at Powers McCartan, PLLC is led by firm partner and defense lawyer Bill Powers. Attorney Powers is a board-certified criminal law specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA). Mr. Powers has been listed in North Carolina SuperLawyers magazine in criminal law in 2007, 2008 & 2009 and has been listed in Business North Carolina magazine - Legal Elite (2007).

Mr. Bill Powers helps people charged with Driving While Impaired DWI and Driving Under the Influence DUI. Impaired Driving offenses and arrests account for a substantial amount of time in court and trial. He travels throughout North Carolina representing people arrested for operating a motor vehicle while subject to an impairing substance and other alcohol-related offenses. The firm also helps people with Traffic Tickets and citations for Speeding, Stop Sign violations & reckless driving.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Speeding Traffic Tickets Driving While License Revoked DOT DMV Restoration Revocation Hearings Boating While Impaired BWI Red Light Reckless Driving CDL Larceny Drug Paraphrenalia Possession Marijuana Cocaine PWISD Bank Wire Fraud Molestation Lewd Behavior Internet Solicitation.

Areas of Law Description

At Powers McCartan, PLLC we are determined to ensure that the legal rights of our clients are protected when they face criminal charges for:


North Carolina DWI laws carry substantial penalties if you are convicted. If you have been arrested for DWI it is important to talk with a lawyer without delay. In addition to explaining important legal rights, an experienced attorney can guide you through a sometimes very complicated court process.

Effective defenses are available in DWI cases, despite recent changes to the law. Now, more than ever, the knowledge, training and experience of your DWI attorney are important. Before making any decision, call for a free consultation. At Powers McCartan, we’re here to help!

- Traffic Violations

A recent research study conducted by the CBA/26th Judicial Partnership Project analyzed the public's participation in the Mecklenburg County courts. In part, it was determined: having an attorney has a substantial impact on the outcome of cases. In traffic cases, the presence of an attorney was the most significant influence on the outcome.

The study also brought to light another rather shocking statistic: many defendants do not understand how the court system works or what happened to them in court. The Perception Survey found that 32.7 percent of those charged did not understand what occurred in the courtroom.

- Speeding Tickets

Few people (besides attorneys) know that North Carolina has two "point systems" when it comes to traffic tickets. The first system is enforced by the North Carolina DOT (Department of Transportation). The second is the insurance point system created by the Safe Driver Incentive Plan (SDIP).

A traffic citation, such as a speeding ticket, may add points to your driving record and you SDIP record. Too many points can lead to the suspension of your driver's license and an increase in your insurance premiums.

- Driving While License Revoked

The North Carolina DMV has the power to temporarily suspend or permanently revoke your driving privileges for any number of reasons. And can sometimes do so without a formal preliminary hearing. Once the DMV decides to revoke your license, they must notify you in writing...but sending something in the mail does not always guarantee receipt.

There may be a number of reasons why a person would be driving after his or her license had been revoked or suspended (in North Carolina, a suspended license and a revoked license are the same thing).

Driving with a revoked license (DWLR) is a Class 1 misdemeanor. You WILL need to appear in court and you could face jail time, as well as a possible 220% increase in your auto insurance under the Safe Driver Incentive Plan.

* If you are charged and convicted of a moving violation while driving with a revoked license, your license can be suspended for an additional 12 months.
* If you are convicted of three (3) moving violations while your license is suspended, it could be permanently revoked.

- Assault and Battery

If you've been charged or investigated for assault, aggravated assault, assault and battery, or domestic abuse, you could be facing felony or misdemeanor charges, depending upon seriousness and intent. Whatever the assault charge, if you are convicted, the consequences can be serious.

When people come to our Charlotte or Concord law offices, they are worried. They've made a mistake or something bad has happened. They need answers and support. Most of all, they need to know that they can overcome this difficulty and move forward with their lives.

At Powers McCartan we are zealous, yet caring legal advocates watching out for our clients' interests in court and in negotiations. Whatever type of matter you face, you can count on knowledgeable guidance and experienced legal counsel. We have represented clients facing a wide range of criminal & civil charges, including:

* Simple assault
* Assault and battery
* Assault with a weapon
* Aggravated assault
* Vehicular assault
* Domestic assault, violation of restraining orders, harassment and stalking
* Personal Injury Damages Litigation

- Drug Charges

Are you facing drug charges in a North Carolina criminal court? Are you being investigated or has your child been arrested for drug possession or sale? You need immediate legal help.

Before you talk with the police, talk to a lawyer. All too often we see people damage their case by talking to the police before they've talked to a lawyer and understood their legal options and rights. Even a relatively simple charge of drug possession can have lifelong consequences if it interferes with college and job prospects.

At Powers McCartan, we understand this is a difficult and stressful time. We're here to help, with straight answers and a strong defense, never judgment. When you work with Bush & Powers, we offer experience, compassion and helpful advice.

Whether you face misdemeanor or felony charges, you can count on your Powers McCartan defense attorney to listen, to explain your defense options, and to provide you with a forcefully presented, professional defense. We have represented clients facing a wide range of drug charges, including:

* Drug possession (of marijuana, cocaine, crack, meth, narcotics, prescription drugs)
* Possession of drug paraphernalia
* Drug sales
* Drug manufacturing
* Drug trafficking

If your child or young adult has been arrested, we understand the sentencing options and treatment programs available for first-time offenders in our area. We push for alternative sentences that minimize the damage that a drug charge can have on a young life. Your best interest is our top priority.

- Larceny / Embezzlement

Embezzlement, like shoplifting, often has its roots in personal or family problems. Gambling and spiraling debt, drug or other addictions and compulsions...these challenges, combined with opportunity, can become an overwhelming temptation.

Of course, not every theft crime or larceny charge is the result of personal factors. In some cases the person investigated and charged is the wrong person, or the person may have unknowingly acted in an improper manner with accounting or with the purchase or receipt of stolen property.

Whatever the circumstances that resulted in you being charged with a financial crime, you do have rights under the law and you deserve a strong defense from a skilled and experienced attorney.

- Sex Offenses

When people come to the law office of Powers McCartan, they've got a serious legal problem and they're seeking an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Few criminal charges are more damaging to a career and family life than a sex offense, and the social stigma of a sex offender label-even if it's not true. At Powers McCartan , we understand how traumatic a sex crimes charge can be. We act discretely and immediately to investigate your case and to minimize the damage. You can have confidence that everything will be done in your defense.


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  • National College DUI Defense, Inc.
  • National Board of Trial Advocacy
  • North Carolina Advocates for Justice - Board of Governors

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