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Rand Mintzer Attorney at Law

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Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law, is fully committed to securing the best possible result for your criminal matter. My Houston law firm has provided responsive and effective criminal defense services to adults and juveniles. My experience allows me to put together a creative and aggressive defense that achieves results. I provide direct and personal attention on every key aspect of your case. You can trust that you will receive a clear assessment of the potential consequences of your charges, so that you can make informed decisions about the direction of your case.

I have a well-established criminal defense practice. I vigorously and successfully defend clients against many misdemeanor and felony charges and many traffic offense cases. Not every criminal matter goes to trial but plea negotiations are not always in the best interest of the client. I prepare thoroughly for the courtroom to secure the best possible outcome for all of my criminal cases. Through preparation, I can effectively defend the rights, freedom and futures of each and every client I serve.

As your lawyer, I will take a creative and aggressive approach that leverages my knowledge of medical issues and evidence and uses resourcefulness in strategic case-building. In addition to my criminal defense practice, I run a successful personal injury practice. My knowledge of the various components involved in personal injury claims medical issues, accident reconstruction, insurance claims and more adds to the knowledge I bring to a criminal matter. Because of my enhanced knowledge in these areas, I can readily address complex issues involving injuries and fatalities, accident scenes and insurance fraud.

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