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Reddin, Singer & Govin, LLP has given over 25 years of tested legal expertise to the service of families and those facing criminal charges in Milwaukee, and in that time has developed a deserved reputation for courtroom victory against powerful opponents. Each attorney's dedication to providing zealous representation, combined with a sincere understanding of the hardships divorce and charges can bring, has quickly made the office preeminent among Wisconsin firms, recognized at once by ratings agencies, media outlets, and hundreds of grateful clients.

Attorney William Reddin has several decades of experience defending clients in Wisconsin courts, ably managing a full variety of cases with a skill that has battled everything from high-profile drug charges to DUIs. The firm's commitment to provide counsel and a listening ear at every stage of the legal process has settled the worries and fears of much of its clientele, habits carried over to its family law practice, where both parents and children are often exhausted and frayed through the emotional upheavals of divorce; each attorney's dedication to remaining by a client's side until all of the common post-divorce problems are finalized and solved is reflective of the firm's compassion in this regard. The firm's Milwaukee office prides itself on maintaining 24/7 availability, serving clients at all hours of the day or night with the rapid communication and reassuring advice that have long been Reddin, Singer & Govin's hallmarks, and which continue to bring in Wisconsin residents in need.

Criminal charges and divorce are among the most emotional and volatile of legal issues, and require both a keen legal mind and a discerning heart to properly navigate. Reddin, Singer & Govin has provided Wisconsin residents with the knowledge and compassion necessary to protect their rights and futures, a mission the firm daily fulfills with diligence and care.

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Articles Published by Reddin & Singer, LLP

 Prop 19 Failed: What Now for the Legalization Movement?

With the failure of Proposition 19 - a vote to legalize marijuana in California - the movement that worked for that legalization is reassessing.

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 California Voters Consider Legalizing Marijuana

On Nov. 2, California voters will take to the polls to decide upon a controversial ballot initiative, the legalization of marijuana. Under Proposition 19, also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, various marijuana-related activities would be legalized under state law and local governments would be authorized to collect taxes related to marijuana.

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 Impact of McDonald on Wisconsin Gun Laws

The Supreme Court of the United States recently addressed the question of whether the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is applicable to the states. In McDonald v. Chicago, the Court answered affirmatively, ruling that the protection applies to the states under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment.

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 Wisconsin's Treatment of 17-Year-Old Offenders Faces Scrutiny

Approximately 30,000 17-year-olds are arrested in Wisconsin each year. If they are charged with a crime, they are charged as adults.

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 Wisconsin Legislature Approves Changes to State's Drunk Driving Laws

Wisconsin recently passed sweeping legislation that will change its reputation when it comes to cracking down on driving under the influence (DUI). While the legislation is not the most stringent in the United States, it will make a considerable difference for drivers in Wisconsin.

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 Sexting and Free Speech: States like Wisconsin Face Tough Legal Questions

In January, a Wisconsin teen was sentenced to a year in detention following charges of child pornography in a sexting case that made headlines across the state. In late 2009, the 14-year-old high school freshman was charged with multiple felony counts after police officers discovered many nude photos of underage classmates on his cell phone and iPod.

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 Requirements and Implications of Wisconsin Sex Offender Registration

When a sex offense is committed, especially against a child, the public is outraged. More and more over the past 10 to 15 years, people have demanded that lawmakers and law enforcement agencies alert the community to the presence of sex offenders, especially by classifying information about convicted sex offenders as public.

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 Authorities Try to Coerce Cooperation in DNA Request to Former Prisoners

Under section 165.76 of the Wisconsin statutes, any person in prison on or after January 1, 2000, for a felony committed in Wisconsin must provide a DNA sample to authorities upon his or her incarceration.

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 Are Drug Courts Denying Help to Those Who Need It Most?

Wisconsin created drug courts to give certain nonviolent offenders a productive alternative to prison.

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