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Articles Published by Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law

 What Types of Charges are Involved in a Drug Crime?

Drug crimes are a common occurrence and many find themselves facing prosecution for allegations including any type of involvement with an illegal drug. Whether a crime includes trafficking, possession or manufacturing, any form can put a suspect at odds with the law.

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 What Comes After an Arrest?

After an arrest there are a number of steps that will be taken prior to the trial taking place. Being informed beforehand can save you difficulty if it is a situation you ever find yourself in. An arrest occurs when an officer takes you into custody for suspicion of any action that is illegal under the state or federal law. When arrested for a criminal accusation many people are unaware of what they will be in for.

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 Kidnapping: Criminal Charges

Kidnapping is a serious offense that is harshly considered by the legal system. Those accused, right or wrong, will have a tough case before them to prove their innocence.

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