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Law Firm Overview

The Roger R. Foisy law firm, based in Mississauga, Ontario, has built a reputation as a successful personal injury law firm, reaching successful settlements in more than 90% of their cases.
This track record of success can be attributed to several factors, not the least of which is their commitment to limiting the number of cases accepted at any given time. Applying these voluntary limits enables Attorney Roger R. Foisy and his team to provide you with the personal attention you deserve, maximizing your compensation.

The Roger R. Foisy law firm will be there for you when you or a loved one experience accidental injury, illness, psychological trauma or death resulting from the negligent actions of others. Personal injury laws in Ontario are incredibly complex and you need an experienced, compassionate advocate standing with you and fighting for your rights.

Attorney Roger R. Foisy recognizes the limitations of financial compensation in assuaging the grief and loss associated with disabling injury and psychological trauma. At the same time, he and his team have the capability and expertise necessary to maximize all benefits to which you are entitled and ensure that insurance companies and corporations do not take advantage of your vulnerability in your time of loss.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Orthopedic Injuries; Psychological Injuries; Injury Lawyer Negligence; Long Term Disability Claims.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Personal Injury

Personal Injury is a legal term for a physical, emotional, or mental injury to the body or mind of an individual. In the context of a lawsuit, personal injury often alleges that a plaintiff's injury has been caused by the wrongdoing of another. There are multiple serious personal injuries which give rise to an injured person's ability to claim compensation for a wrongdoer's act.

- Motor Vehicle Injuries

For a motor vehicle accident, there are two possible ways to claim compensation. First, you may have a right to sue for an award of damages if another party was at fault for the collision. Secondly, you may be entitled to a claim for certain benefits called no fault benefits, whether or not you were the one at fault.

- Car Accident

The leading causes of unintentional personal injury for all Canadians which result in injuries are car accidents. The expertness of an Ontario car accident injury lawyer can help injured persons and their families get through the complexities of car accident insurance claim documentation and medical requests.

- Truck Accident

The deceasedís family members may bring a wrongful death action and may recover money damages for lost economic contributions, loss of care, companionship and guidance as well as funeral expenses because of trucking accident.

- Motorcycle Accident

While the inherent dangers of riding a motorcycle are apparent to the public, the law has been made to protect motorcycle drivers and its passengers in the same way as automobile drivers and passengers. Our lawyer and his team have successfully represented motorcycle driver and passenger victims.

- Pedestrian Accident

An alarming increase in pedestrian accidents, commonly involving motor vehicles, can result in serious injury and death. Our dedicated lawyer has successfully acted as lawyer for pedestrian accident victims and their families. We also serves clients in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Acton and surrounding regions in Ontario.

- Brain Injuries

The victim is entitled to compensation for the injury and resulting disability if traumatic brain injury is the result of negligence. The extensive experience of our lawyer and his team, along with their full understanding of the medical and legal implications of such cases is a powerful asset for brain injury victims and their families.

- Spinal Injury

With great care and compassion as a spinal cord injury lawyer, we helps spinal cord injury victims and their families recover compensation for incurred suffering, expenses, as well as lost income. We also assist our clients with referrals to spinal cord rehabilitation facilities.

- Insurance Claims

Insurance Law has become a complex area of the law with many changes over the years. There have been six substantial changes to the Insurance Act and its regulations regarding the handling of first party car insurance claims. Accident victims who are in need of assistance with their first party insurance claims deserve to be represented by an insurance claims lawyer.

- Slip & Fall

Slips and falls or trip and falls can result in serious injuries that can impact your life and those closest to you. If you slipped, fell, or tripped on someone elseís property because of their negligence, thereís a good chance that you can recover damages. Our attorney is a "lawyer for the people" who fights for his clients.

- Bicycle Accident

A cycling accident involving a motor vehicle can result in the tragic consequences of serious injury and death. If you are in a cycling accident involving a motor vehicle then you are entitled to numerous claims. Our personal injury lawyer can assist you in your claim and help you attain the benefits and compensation you deserve.


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