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Based in Kentucky, Scheynost Law Offices, P.S.C., represent their clients in various claims related to workers’ compensation, personal injury, wills, and to probate an estate.
They have been practicing in the state of Kentucky, including Jefferson, Bullitt, Meade, Hardin and other neighboring counties, since 1996. They have handled numerous personal injury cases and have helped their clients in claims.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Rotator Cuff Tears and Shoulder Replacements; Knee Replacements; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).


Scott Scheynost Scott F Scheynost
Accident, Animal Bites, Back and Neck Injury, Brain Injury, Burn Injuries



  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • Louisville Bar Association
  • Kentucky Justice Association

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Injured Factory Worker Discusses His Louisville Workers' Comp Attorney

My name is Sam Smith. I was hurt in an industrial accident. An industrial scale came up and got in a bind. The stress of it hit me in the face. I received a fractured skull, several orbital fractures, broken nose, hurt neck, hurt shoulders, and a lot of neurological problems after that.

At first I didn’t have a lawyer. After about four months after (the accident) I began to feel better. I decided to get a Worker’s Comp. Lawyer. I stayed with this Workman’s Comp. lawyer for about two months. Every time I called he wouldn’t answer, or he didn’t have an answer for me and I was trying to get medical care. So I decided to go ahead and get rid of him.

In the meantime, my sister had been looking at webpages for Workmen’s Comp. lawyers. She called me and said she had found a guy named Scott Scheynost. So I looked him up on his webpage and it had a lot of information, a lot of really good information that made sense and that I was never told.

So, I called him, after I got rid of my other lawyer (I sent him a letter letting him know I no longer needed his services). Things started moving quick after that.

He kept me up on everything that was going on as far as getting medical pay and getting checks coming in to pay my salary, to what each process was going to take.

Without him (attorney Scott Scheynost), I think this process could have gone a long, long time. He was always there and very responsive. If you couldn’t answer, the secretary would give him my message and he would call back immediately, or as soon as possible. It was never over a half a day before he called me back.

Every paperwork you submitted or any paperwork he got back on my medical problems, he sent me a carbon copy of it. He was very informative when he came down to the case. Being judged, I was awarded 100% disability.

There’s no doubt in my mind I would never have gotten that without Scott Scheynost helping me out.

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