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Shainfeld & Anvar, PC is a full-service law firm that believes your rights are important and need to be protected. We are more than just Personal Injury and Lemon Law Lawyers, our firm specializes in other areas, but the core of our practice is helping protect the rights of people who are wronged.

Our focus is simple: Provide consistent excellence in everything we do. In today’s economic environment it is more important than ever to work personally with attorneys who understands your needs.

The lemon law attorneys at Shainfeld & Anvar, PC, are skilled in finding economic and expeditious solutions for their clients. We are dedicated to quality, we understand the law, and we pride ourselves in having a long-standing relationship with our clients and the community.

At Shainfeld & Anvar, PC, we believe in forward thinking lawyers. As no two problems are exactly alike, no two solutions should be alike either. For this reason, Shainfeld & Anvar, PC prides itself on having forward thinking lawyers who will think not only through, but also around a legal issue and craft a solution fitted to the unique needs and desires of each client. This is what the clients of Shainfeld & Anvar, PC have come to expect and that is what is delivered.

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