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Law Firm Overview

Shekou Law Firm, established in 1983, was the first law office in China pioneered in providing legal services to transnational business. After providing nearly thirty years of devoted services to enterprises, both nationally and internationally, we still focus our practice on business arena which we have committed.

Since its inception in 1983, Shekou Law Firm has devoted to providing client-focused legal services and comprehensive solutions for international enterprises for their investment and doing business in China. Through our affiliated law firms and satellite offices, we provide comprehensive local legal services for worldwide clients in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

We perceive the changing environment and evolution of business laws in China. Ingrained in our culture of excellence is our unequivocal and enduring commitment to quality legal services and quick responsiveness to our clients' needs. We apply our in-depth understanding of law, wide social resources and abundant experience in every unique case and provide our clients with well- tailored advice and result-oriented solutions for their legal issues.

With our clients' goal in mind, we always apply our intensive knowledge and necessary resources to achieve the results as desired by our clients. We always approach each of our clients' cases carefully and intelligently. The client-focused and result-oriented philosophy means that sound advice and practical solutions will be offered through our best efforts. We have maintained the wide awareness of client satisfaction consistently for years.

Year this Office was Established: 1983

Languages: Russian; French; German; Chinese; Japanese; Korean; Vietnam; English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Commercial Fraud; Breach of Employment Contract.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas include:

- International Trade

Our international group of lawyers are adroit at various aspects of legal issues related to international trade with China including trade policies, disputes resolution, international trade agreement. We have extensive knowledge and experience in prosecuting “anti-dumping” on behalf of domestic industry and defending “anti-dumping” claims on behalf of international clients. We are skilled at tariff classification and valuation. We give advice to many international enterprises to maximize the benefit from CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between Hong Kong and Mainland China), free trade areas, and tariff preferences.

- Litigation & Arbitration

Shekou Law Firm has extensive knowledge and experience in litigation and arbitration in China. We have represented many complicated and challenging cases and successfully spared our clients the risks and costs of trial in thousands of cases, many of which involve large-scale, complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes. Our clients include a wide range of domestic and international companies, government and statutory bodies, local and international insurers and publishers, property developers, local business people in China.

- Corporate

Shekou Law Firm provides a full array of legal services domestically and internationally with respect to corporate issues. Our prominence in corporate legal work has been widely recognized both internally and externally. Shekou Law Firm has a world-class team of experienced, resourceful and innovative legal professionals in China. We offer legal services to a wide range of industries and various kinds of business entities as well as individuals. Our expansive capabilities allow us to handle complex cross-border deals and use our extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of industry-specific issues to ensure the best solution possible for our clients anywhere in the world.

- Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Mergers & Acquisitions team is one of the leading M&A and commercial practices among its peers. Shekou Law Firm has a world-class team of experienced, devoted and innovative legal professionals and one of the most comprehensive networks of legal offices in China. We have representative offices all around the nation and each of our offices is staffed by highly qualified lawyers with extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of business systems, especially business system of China.

- Labor and Employment

Shekou Law Firm's labor group consists of experts competent at almost every aspect of legal issues of labor. Our clients include a diverse variety of public and private, transnational and domestic companies. We readily use lawyers nationwide to work together on cases or projects to bring our clients the quality and cost-effective service possible and we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and can-do attitude. We represent our clients in all types of employment litigation matters including wrongful termination, discrimination, breach of employment contract, and the various tort theories plaintiffs are using currently.

- Intellectual Property

We understand that intellectual properties are the most valuable assets of multinational companies. Therefore, we put high priority on protection of intellectual properties for our clients. We provide high-quality, responsive service to our clients to achieve their business objectives. Our service includes patent, brand name, copyrights, trade secrets, and other forms of intellectual properties. Our lawyers of intellectual property group have abundant experience especially in the jurisdiction of mainland China. Whether to defend against infringement claims or enforce intellectual property rights, our Intellectual Property group will address your intellectual property issues wherever they arise and help drive your business growth by protecting your IP assets.

- Insurance

Based on our knowledge and experience of insurance industry, our insurance lawyers are committed to provide legal services of the best quality to our clients. Facing increasingly complex issues, our insurance experts aim at providing creative, result-oriented solutions bearing the best interests of our clients in mind. We have been developing and implementing innovative strategies to assist business and individuals in obtaining insurance coverage. While we seek to settle down insurance coverage disputes without the need of litigation, we maintain a strong litigation practice to ensure the interests of our clients.

- Financial Services

We represent banks, multinational companies, financial institutions as well as individual investment advisors in all types of disputes over financial issues. We also provide regulatory and structuring advice for authorized firms and start-ups. The breadth and depth of our expertise in finance issues means that we are fully familiar with the complex legal issues during and after finance transactions. Our experience combined with knowledge of the business systems of Asia and close connections with major institutions in China enables us to realize our clients' commercial objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

- Tax & Customs

Tax & customs law in China are in consistently changing. Appropriately deal with these matters requires fully understanding these laws. Making a wise decision for the future is more complicated which demands fully insight the developing history and trend of tax & customs law of China. Our Tax & customs lawyers are a group of expertise who practice exclusively in tax & customs area. We have successfully dealt with many most challenging cases for international enterprises with the result of significant duty savings and improved import procedure. Our knowledge and intelligence have helped our clients saving money and avoiding jeopardy.

- Real Estates

We provide service to all aspects of issues relating to real estates, including development, co-investment, financing, ownership, acquisition, leasing and operation. We have accumulated substantial experience on various types of real estates, from commerce, offices, and industries to specialized uses. We have represented on behalf of domestic and foreign real estate investors, developers, lenders, contractors and other participants of real estates. Further our lawyers in Real Estate Department work closely with lawyers in other department of our law firm to ensure the best service to our clients.

- Construction

Shekou Law Firm counsels and advices all phases of construction industry, from owners, to developers, contractors. We deal with construction disputes and claims through negotiation, arbitration and commercial litigation. Typical disputes and claims include Construction Quality, Lien on Property, Non-payment, Breach of Warranty, etc. Our Construction practice team comprises lawyers with extensive experience in all aspects of the construction industry not only in China but in other parts of Asia. All lawyers of Construction practice team possess construction qualifications which are of added value to our clients.

- Securities

Shekou Law Firm is the first law office in China engaged in security matters with the establishment of capital market in China. We have assisted companies seeking public financing in all aspects, including corporate structuring and restructuring, statement and prospectus registration, preparation of listing application on Shanghai or Shenzhen China stock market. We represent many public companies in initial public offerings and subsequent offerings. We are highly adept at security litigations. We have represented our clients in every level of courts in China. With further reforming of security laws of China, more and more international funds will enter into this huge potentially profitable market.


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