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Snyder & Snyder has built an impressive reputation not only in Maryland and Washington D.C. but nationally, through the tireless pursuit of fair and just legal remedies on behalf of our clients. The firm's fighting spirit has garnered the respect of both our clients and other members of the legal community alike. Our reputation was not built by accident. The attorneys at Snyder & Snyder are responsible for some of the largest medical malpractice, catastrophic injury, birth injury and business litigation verdicts and settlements in the history of Maryland and the District of Columbia.

The many successes of Snyder & Snyder can be attributed to the philosophical foundation upon which we have built the firm. By giving our clients the time and attention they deserve, we are better prepared to represent their interests and, in turn, reach a successful outcome for their cases. We also take pride in handling all aspects of our clients' cases on our own. Unlike many law firms, the attorneys at Snyder & Snyder do not refer our clients to other attorneys for various aspects of a case. We firmly believe that the only way to successfully represent a client is to understand that client and to know the case inside out. In the legal world, settlements are an acceptable remedy to litigation, but unlike other firms, Snyder & Snyder always prepares its cases for trial. We won't avoid a settlement if it is in the best interest of the client, but we approach every case as if it is going through the entire trial process.

When the law firm of Snyder & Snyder takes on a case, our first priority is to "bring it across the finish line" for our client. By utilizing our thorough preparation process for a case and our extensive knowledge of legal issues, Snyder & Snyder is ready to get the client what they deserve. Snyder & Snyder will work aggressively within the parameters of our legal system to win for our clients. The combined knowledge and experience of the members of our firm is unparalleled for this reason. When you work with Snyder & Snyder, you work with the best.

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