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Law Firm Overview

Spigt Litigators, based in Amsterdam, is the most effective litigation firm in the Netherlands. Clients regard us as ‘on the ball’: quick, creative and solutions oriented. They value the personal style of our partners, our accessibility and our clarity. It’s the result that counts.

We are litigation lawyers to the core and specialise in complex cases. Independent and incredibly committed to our clients, we know what is needed in the heat of the battle. Sometimes this means hard and fast litigation, sometimes strategic advising and maneuvering. We persevere for as long as it takes to find a resolution, but always with an eye on the legal content and the objective of the client.

Our firm is built around several core qualities. These qualities characterise Spigt Litigators lawyers, but they also form the critical yardstick by which each lawyer measures his or her work. We are:

• Undisputed experts in terms of legal content
• Effective and strategically creative
• Independent and professional
• Courageous and driven

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Directors’ and Officers’ Liability in Bankruptcy; Terminated Negotiations; Shareholders’ Activism; Takeover Disputes; Insider Trading; Tax Fraud; Environmental Offences; Property Fraud; Market Abuse; Investors’ Disputes; Structure and Compliance of Financial Enterprises; Structuring of Investment Funds; civil law; Procedural, National, and International Tax Law; Regulated Markets; Government Liability; Issues Concerning Integrity (BIBOB) and Government Information Access (WOB); Spacial Planning Law.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Corporate Litigation

Corporate litigation concerns legal disputes in which corporations (and their bodies such as management, supervisory board, and works council) as well as shareholders are involved. Spigt Litigators came into being in 2001 from this specialism. Our track record in the field of corporate litigation is extensive, in national as well as international company disputes.

* Corporate Law and Insolvency Law

As company lawyers, we are all proficient in business law. Companies know best how to do business. But naturally, you want to avoid misfortune. We advise and litigate in the following fields: harm to creditors in relaunch or reorganisation; corporate governance; directors’ and officers’ liability in bankruptcy.

* Commercial Litigation

Entrepreneurs want to do business; take steps, grow, and form alliances. But things often go wrong in practice. Agreements appear to be unclear, expectations are not fulfilled, and the relevant information only comes to light when the deal has already been done. Much can be solved through discussion; But not always. In any event, these are problems that merit the right professional assistance.

* Corporate Disputes and Shareholders’ Activism

A company has many stakeholders, each with their own particular interests: the management, supervisory board, shareholders, creditors and staff. These interests can clash. Together with our specialists in the field of financial law, Spigt Litigators has the technical and practical expertise necessary to take vigorous action. The best outcome for the client is always our top priority: to achieve what you want through good discussion, or to keep on litigating before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Appeal Court or other courts.

* Takeover Disputes and Private Equity

Spigt Litigators represents parties in negotiations that do not run as they should. Or in cases where the partnership is under threat and the board needs to stand firm in case of takeover animosities. Minority shareholders can also come off badly if the majority shareholder thinks only of themselves, and not of their fellow shareholders.

- Criminal Law

Spigt Litigators acts for clients who are suspected of financial offences including insider trading, tax fraud, environmental offences, licencing problems or property fraud.

- Financial Law

The financial markets are fluctuating enormously and this also applies to regulations. The regulations and therefore the necessary knowledge surrounding the field of financial law are becoming ever more complex and this can have a substantial impact on the choices that clients are confronted with.

* Enforcement

The Netherlands has many rules and laws in the field of financial transactions. A licence or approval is required for many activities, which are subject to detailed and continuous supervisory requirements. The lawyers at Spigt Litigators have a broad knowledge of financial supervisory laws and years of experience with enforcement issues.

* Market Abuse

The ban on market manipulation, insider trading and the passing on of inside information (tipping off) are the three most frequently occurring forms of market abuse. The regulations are complex and the regulator assertive. Listed institutions and professional shareholders often cannot find their way through the mire. Spigt Litigators sets the standard in this complex field of law and assists in clarifying the regulations thereof with a large number of specialists.

* Investors’ Disputes

Disappointed investors don’t keep quiet. Everyone can remember the “Dexia affair”. Spigt Litigators acted on behalf of Dexia. We also represent other financial institutions in the resolution of problems with customers or investors. In addition to this, we also advise on issues concerning the special duty of care and liability risks for banks and investment funds.

* Structure and Compliance of Financial Enterprises

Compliance has become an indispensable part of the day-to-day business operations of all financial enterprises. Regulators inspect compliance functions within organisations ever more closely. Spigt Litigators assists financial enterprises in the implementation of laws and regulations and in taking the correct measures to demonstrate their ‘compliance’. We carry out specific ‘legal and compliance audits’ and we guide financial enterprises in inspections by regulators.

* Structuring of Investment Funds

Through our expertise in financial law, civil law and tax law, Spigt Litigators is exceptionally well equipped to lend assistance in the setting up of investment funds. We are experienced in litigating over disputes between investors and investment funds and this has sharpened our insight into the structuring of investment funds.

- Tax Law

Commercial success has a price and that price is called tax. Our expertise ensures that this tax is as low as possible. Spigt Litigators advises and litigates about practically integrated solutions to achieve this; both nationally and internationally. The tax authorities and taxpayer don’t always see eye to eye. We are well versed in fiscal proceedings at the Supreme Court, and the objection and appeal procedures which stem from this.

- Regulated Markets

The government is intervening more and more with the economic order. Market players are affected by this whether they are active in specific regulated markets or they are confronted with issues of integrity, public access or spatial planning. It is crucial to note that not only is regulation in these fields changing rapidly, but regulators also have increasing authority and they are making more active use of it. Spigt Litigators can use their extensive experience and expertise to offer advice on how to associate with the concerned authorities.

* Public Law and Regulated Markets

In some industries, such as telecommunication, postal services, transportation, energy and health care, the aim is to introduce or promote the operation of market forces. In other industries, regulation serves to protect public interests such as the stability and integrity of the market, the rights of consumers, the availability and quality of health care, the prevention of gambling addiction or the environment. In all cases, industries are subject to the supervision of special regulators.

* Government Liability

Damage can be caused by the actions of the government. These actions could cause unauthorised enforcement measures, unjustified refusal of permits or lack of adequate supervision. Damage can also be the consequence of lawful decisions or government acts such as a zoning plan change, expropriation or infrastructure work. In both situations, there are several ways to approach the government for compensation for damages or compensation for losses resulting from administrative acts. We offer effective advice and counselling for these situations.

* Issues Concerning Integrity (BIBOB) and Government Information Access (WOB)

In many ways, conflicts can arise about how the government assesses and deals with the assessment of entrepreneurs’ integrity, especially in the scope of granting permits in integrity-sensitive industries. The same applies to the way in which the government acts in relation to transparency in delicate issues. Appropriate interaction with the concerned authorities is crucial in finding effective and efficient solutions.

* Spacial Planning Law

In the field of spacial planning, discussions may also arise between market participants and authorities, whether this concerns zoning plans, building permits or development decisions. We combine our spacial planning law expertise with thorough knowledge and experience in the fields of public administration and environmental law. This expertise can create additional value for developers, property managers, housing corporations and companies.


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