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We offer legal representation and counsel in a full range of family law matters involving divorce, child and spousal support, child custody, parenting rights and responsibilities, protection from abuse and division of marital property.

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 Divorce - The Basics

Divorce is the legal process which ends a marriage. The court can grant either a "fault" or "no-fault" divorce. The process begins with the filing of a divorce complaint in the court. A divorce may also include issues regarding division of marital assets, child and/or spousal support, alimony and child custody.

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 Pennsylvania Driver's License Suspensions and D.U.I. Cases

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDot) suspends a persons driver's license after conviction for a D.U.I. or for a refusal to submit to chemical testing. Each person who drives in the state of Pennsylvania is deemed to have given his or her consent to chemical testing upon a lawful request. Refusal to submit to chemical testing carries a driver's license suspension of at least 1 year.

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